Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study

Brief Summary of TARS

The Toledo Adolescent Relationships Study (TARS) is a population-based longitudinal cohort study of adolescents (12-18) living in Lucas County, Ohio in 2001 who have been followed for seven waves of data collection, most recently 2020. Due to an outstanding research staff, we have maintained high response rates; for example, between waves 5 and 6 we retained 85% of the sample and 73% of wave 1. The most recent interview has a 82% response rate from wave 6 and 62% from wave 1. The TARS research team has over 90 published papers and 50 theses/dissertations using the data (see link below).

Research Team

Peggy Giordano
Monica Longmore
Wendy Manning

Current Graduate Students and Staff
Anna Belykh
Ian King
Eric Sevareid
Megan Swinehart
Colleen Scott

TARS Sample and Interviews

Data Waves

Wave 1: Adolescent Relationships, 2001, (n=1,321 mean age 15)
Wave 2: Adolescent to Adult Relationships, 2002, (n=1,177mean age 16)
Wave 3:  Sexual Relationships, 2004 (n=1,114 mean age 18)
Wave 4: Sexual Relationships, 2006 (n=1,092 mean age 20)
Wave 5: Intimate Partner Violence, 2011, (n=1,021 mean age 25)
Wave 6: Child Well-Being and Intimate Partner Violence, April 2018-March 2020 (n=990 mean age 32)
Wave 7: Social Distancing, June-October 2020 (n=815 mean age 34)

Data Available via ICPSR

Published Research

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