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Cadet Training Testimonials

CDT Hosterman - Air Assault

"This past summer I had the privilege of attending The Sabalauski Air Assault School at Fort Campbell, KY. AAS is a 10 day school where you learn helicopter operations, sling operations, and rappelling operations. Attending this school was by far the most fun I have had in the Army and the training I received was extremely valuable. I was also able to interact with many enlisted soldiers and higher ranking officers who provided me with a ton of wisdom and advice that will surely aid me in my future military career. Furthermore, the fellow cadets there were extremely disciplined and professional, it was very encouraging to see so many well trained future officers. I would highly recommend going to AAS if you ever get the chance, it is a great mix of physical and mental challenge, but ultimately those who pass are those who are motivated." - Cadet Cole Hosterman


"My time at Air Assault School will always stand out in my memory as one of the most difficult and gratifying experiences I've ever had, both physically and intellectually. My mental toughness was put to the test, and Air Assault really made me realize how resilient I am in the face of difficulty. There is only so much one can do to prepare for Air Assault. Every lesson appears to involve challenging physical activity, therefore I'm grateful to be a member of an ROTC program that values physical fitness so highly. The value of discipline is the most crucial lesson I gained at Air Assault School. Without discipline, you would fail the course or be dropped since discipline is a crucial component to success in life." - Cadet Dylan DeGaetano


"Over the summer, I was at Fort Campbell with the 3/187 Infantry Brigade Combat Team ("Choppin' Company"). While with Choppin' Company, I received the opportunity to see the daily life of an Infantry lieutenant. We spent many days in the field, from day and night land navigation, squad situational training exercise (STX) lanes, live-fire indoor shoot-house, a day at the mortar range, and helicopter rides. While there, I received the opportunity to be in minor leadership positions, such as; running morning pt, helping with OPORD briefs and running the STX lanes. It was the most valuable training I have received while in the Army this far. " Cadet James McClung


"Over the summer I got the opportunity to participate in Cadet Troop Leading Training, also known as CTLT. During my time at CTLT, I was able to shadow a Military Intelligence officer in the 82nd Airborne unit. I got to see the role of the S-2 shop at the company level, and I also got to participate in Scout Training, shooting a long rifle, and participate in a live fire event with 60mm mortars." Cadet Joseph Catalano

Updated: 12/07/2023 01:47PM