Falcon Babies

Jay Thomas Bosworth

Falcon Flames, Andrew Bosworth (2011) & Mary (DeMoss) Bosworth (2011) welcomed their son, Jay Thomas Bosworth, on August 14 2020.

Grayson Lee Koons

Son of Jennifer '14 and Alex Koons '15 (Freddie Falcon from '14-'15)

Eli Richard Bosworth

Falcon Flames, Andrew Bosworth (2011) & Mary (DeMoss) Bosworth (2011) welcomed their son, Eli Richard Bosworth, on October 21, 2019.

Logan Miller

Logan William Miller is happy, healthy and ready to be a BG Falcon! Mom is Megan (Steffen) Miller '10

Gianna Georgetti

Father is Gino Georgetti '08 and former Freddie Falcon.



2, Mom is Amanda Jean '10 and '17


Rory Graton


Mom is Gretchen Kelly '06


Collins Casto

Daughter of Brian Casto '04. He was singing her Ay Ziggy Zoomba while taking this photo!

Ashlyn Rubel

Daughter of Janelle '10, '11 and Matt '13, '18.

Aiden Witschey

Parents are Corinne '15 and Joseph Witschey '16 - We are Falcon Flames! Got married in 2018 and welcomed our baby boy Aiden Witschey in September!

Shawn Kocis

"My older future falcon, Shawn, about two years ago. Andrew Kocsis '10 and Ranae Kocsis '11.


Gabriel Swearingen

2 months - Mom is Kaitlyn Baker-Swearingen '07


Rory GratonEzra & Evelyn Hernandez

Falcon twins! Mother is Patricia Hernandez '13


Owen Young

Son to Falcon flames Adam & Lily Young. He is looking forward to cheering on the falcons with Mommy & Daddy!

Daughter of Caroline & Michael Williamson

We welcomed our daughter in October 2016 and let her enjoy the center of campus and the paths her parents walked so many times in snow, ice, rain and sunshine.

Luke Zeiter

My husband Eric (‘08) and I welcomed Luke Zeiter on January 31, 2019. These Falcon Flames can’t wait to show Luke the wonderful world of BGSU!

AJ Abel

AJ Abel born on November 3, 2017. Parents are '11 grads and are excited to bring him back to BG when he’s older.

Lincoln Dobson


3 weeks, Dad is David Dobson '95 (Freddie Falcon '93-'94)


Landon Schluneker

2 months -  "Our little falcon during this past football season!" - Brittany and Doug Schluneker '06

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