Carillon Society

It All Starts With You

When you think about your time on campus, certain things probably stick out: a certain professor, the best place to study, a class or program that really influenced you. In every case, these things were made possible in part by a gift from a Falcon graduate.

Today, private gifts from alumni like you are fueling BGSU’s future. That’s why the Carillon Society is so important: it’s designed for Falcon alumni who want to be a part of something they are uniquely passionate about, making a meaningful impact on students of today and tomorrow.

By making a gift for three consecutive years—any gift, to any program, college or scholarship of your choice—you’ll help shape the lives of Falcons as a Carillon Society member.  

Make A Gift Now

Scholarships: 73% of BGSU students will receive financial aid this year. Most will graduate with about $28,000 in debt. Many are deserving of scholarships and programs you can help support.

Great professors: The gifts of Carillon Society members help bring the best faculty to BGSU and keep them here with robust, competitive funding.

Facilities: Campus additions like the new Wolfe Center for the Arts and Stroh Center give students the state-of-the-art resources and collaborative spaces they need to excel.

Some are defined by what they take from BGSU, others by what they give back.

How easy is it to make a real difference at BGSU?

  • One grande mocha latte a month.
  • Subscribe to your local newspaper, especially on Sunday where you will find many coupons which will not only pay for your subscription, but will allow you to save for a donation to BGSU.
  • A few movies during the next year (not including popcorn).
Join us with a gift to make a real difference in the life of a Falcon today.
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Updated: 12/02/2017 04:34AM