Our Team


Dr. Peg Yacobucci

Position: Lead PI and Project Director, Professor of Geology
Email: mmyacob@bgsu.edu


Dr. Lisa Hanasono

Position: Co-PI, Associate Professor of Communication
Email: lisakh@bgsu.edu


Dr. Sheila Roberts

Position: Co-PI, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor of Geology
Email: sjrober@bgsu.edu


Dr. Deb O'Neil

Position: Senior Project Personnel, Professor of Management
Email: oneild@bgsu.edu


Dr. Mike Zickar

Position: Senior Project Personnel, Chair and Professor of Psychology
Email: mzickar@bgsu.edu


Blaze Campbell Jacobs

Position: Graduate Assistant and PhD Student, Higher Education and Student Affairs
Email: blazec@bgsu.edu

Faculty Advocates

Faculty Advocates are senior faculty in STEM and SBS disciplines who help facilitate Faculty Allies’ training events, serve as liaisons to the ALLIES academic units, and advise the ALLIES project team.

Photo of Jadwiga Carlson

Jadwiga Carlson

Email: jacarls@bgsu.edu

Computer Science

Photo of John Chen

Dr. John Chen

Email: jchen@bgsu.edu

Math & Statistics  

Advocate for 2019-2020 Academic Year

Photo of Steve Demuth

Dr. Steve Demuth

Email: demuth@bgsu.edu


Photo of Sandra Faulkner

Dr. Sandra Faulkner

Email: sandraf@bgsu.edu

Media & Communication/WGSS

Photo of Radhika Gajjala

Dr. Radhika Gajjala

Email: radhik@bgsu.edu

Media & Communication

Photo of Venu Dasigi

Dr. Venu Dasigi

Email: vdasigi@bgsu.edu

Computer Science

Advocate starting Fall 2020


Dr. Mike Ogawa

Position: Co-PI, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Professor of Chemistry
Email: mogawa@bgsu.edu


Dr. Julie Matuga

Position: Co-PI, Professor of Educational Psychology
Email: jmatuga@bgsu.edu


Dr. Susana Peña

Position: Senior Project Personnel, Director, School of Cultural & Critical Studies and Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies
Email: susanap@bgsu.edu


Dr. Ellen Broido

Position: Senior Project Personnel, Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs
Email: ebroido@bgsu.edu


Dr. Karen Root

Position: Senior Project Personnel, Professor of Biological Sciences
Email: kvroot@bgsu.edu


Dr. Stacey Rychener

Position: Internal Evaluator, Grant Specialist for Center of Assessment and Evaluation Services
Email: staceyr@bgsu.edu

Faculty Advocates (continued)

Photo of Sherona Garrett-Ruffin

Dr. Sherona Garrett-Ruffin

Email: sgarret@bgsu.edu


Photo of Ellen Gorsevski

Dr. Ellen Gorsevski

Email: elleng@bgsu.edu

Media & Communication  

Photo of Louisa Ha

Dr. Louisa Ha

Email: louisah@bgsu.edu

Media & Communication

Photo of Ray Larsen

Dr. Ray Larsen

Email: larsera@bgsu.edu

Biological Sciences

Photo of Jayaraman Sivaguru

Dr. Jayaraman Sivaguru

Email: sivagj@bgsu.edu


Photo of Rick Worch

Dr. Rick Worch

Email: eworch@bgsu.edu

Teaching & Learning/STEM Education

Faculty Allies

Faculty Allies are faculty members in STEM and SBS disciplines who have been trained to use their privilege to support the advancement of women and other minoritized faculty.

Faculty Ally - Cohort 1 (2019)


Leigh Devine

Applied Statistics and Operations Research
Kyle Moninger Applied Statistics and Operations Research

Christopher Rump

Applied Statistics and Operations Research

Robert Huber

Biological Sciences

Raymond Larsen

Biological Sciences

Kevin McCluney

Biological Sciences

Helen Michaels

Biological Sciences

Paul Morris

Biological Sciences

Karen Sirum

Biological Sciences

Louise Stevenson

Biological Sciences

Moira van Staaden

Biological Sciences

Jill Zeilstra-Ryalls

Biological Sciences

John Cable


Dave Erickson


Joseph Furgal


Ekaterina Mejiritski


Siobhan Shay


Neocles Leontis


Jayaraman Sivaguru

Chemistry and Center for Photochemical Sciences

Jadwiga Carlson Computer Science
Venu Dasigi Computer Science
Jake Lee Computer Science
Yan Wu Computer Science
Jessica Birch Cultural & Critical Studies
Sandra Faulkner

Cultural & Critical Studies, Media & Communication

Opportune Zongo

Critical & Cultural Studies

Enrique Gomezdelcampo

Earth, Environment and Society
Karen Johnson-Webb Earth, Environment and Society

Art Samel

Earth, Environment and Society
Resmi Krishnankuttyrema Engineering Technologies
Elizabeth Holman

Human Development & Family Studies

John Chen* Mathematics and Statistics
Daria Filippova Mathematics and Statistics
Radhika Gajjala* Media and Communication
Ellen Gorsevski* Media and Communication
Louisa Ha* Media and Communication
Lara Lengel Media and Communication
Andrew Layden Physics & Astronomy

Nicole Kalaf-Hughes

Political Science

Andrew Kear Political Science, Earth, Environment & Society
Clare Barratt


Sherona Garrett-Ruffin*


Dara Musher-Eizenman


Carolyn Tompsett


Stephen Demuth*


Rick Worch*

Teaching and Learning/STEM Education
Faculty Ally - Cohort 2 (2020) Department/School  
Stephanie Blessing School of Family & Consumer Sciences - Human Devt & Family Studies
Joshua Boston Political Science
Jasmine Crighton School of Media & Communication - Media
Dryw Dworsky Psychology
Yuning Fu School of Earth, Environment & Society
Peter Gorsevski School of Earth, Environment & Society
Robert Green Computer Science
Joshua Grubbs Psychology
Qi Guo Engineering Technologies
Christopher Kluse Engineering Technologies
Vikki Krane School of HMSLS / WGSS affiliate
Ray Kresman Computer Science
Danielle Kuhl Sociology
Lori Liggett School of Media & Communication
Ganming Liu School of Earth, Environment & Society
Yanqin Lu School of Media & Communication
Samuel McAbee Psychology
Alexis Ostrowski Chemistry
Kurt Panter School of Earth, Environment & Society
Shannon Pelini Biological Sciences
Thomas Roberts School of Teaching & Learning - STEM Education
Sankardas Roy Computer Science
Laura Sanchez Sociology
Andrea Schneider Economics
Raymond Schuck Humanities (Communication)
Farida Selim Physics & Astronomy
Rachel Shafer Economics
Mikhail Shilov Engineering Technologies
Jennifer Stuart Applied Statistics & Operations Research
Liangfeng Sun Physics & Astronomy
Ray Swisher Sociology
Angelica Vazquez-Ortega School of Earth, Environment & Society
Chris Ward Biological Sciences
Jari Willing Psychology
Jenjira Yahirun Sociology
Yu Zhou School of Earth, Environment & Society