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Assistive Technology

The BGSU assistive technology certificate is designed to develop expertise in supporting people to use assistive technology, both high and low tech. 

It is an excellent opportunity for parents, caregivers, general educators, special educators, transition specialists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, rehabilitation engineers and vocational rehabilitation counselors to gain recognition of their skills in this growing area of need. 

Your degree, your way

The assistive technology certificate is a flexible, online certificate that can be completed in under a year or at your own pace. 

Taking the BGSU assistive technology certificate will also introduce you to peers with the same goals, a valuable supporting network on your learning journey. 

With online delivery, straightforward requirements for entry and graduation, the assistive technology certificate will evidence your expertise and open doors to new career paths.

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Credits toward a master's program

The certificate in Assistive Technology is embedded in the Masters Program and counts towards a masters degree if you wish to pursue one.

Increase participation in a world that works for everyone.

Access to assistive technology enables individuals with disabilities to participate more fully in their homes, schools and communities.

This certificate includes the first four courses in the master's of education in special education with a focus on assistive technology degree for those considering a master’s degree.

This certificate course is designed to provide students with the skills needed to ensure individuals with special needs get the right assistive technology and get the best from it.  

This high-growth area is helping thousands every day; people with the right credentials will find they can affect deep and meaningful change.

Many assistive technologies are available, from simple mechanical and daily living aids to high-tech computer-driven systems that can open up communication. 

Mobile devices, apps, literacy, sensory, executive function and social interaction tools and applications are just a few categories that students survey.

Career opportunities

Many parents and carers take the certificate in assistive technology to gain new knowledge to help specific people. Others are seeking recognition of existing skills and experience. 

For those new to assistive technology, learning from the varied student body is a powerful learning experience. A certificate in assistive technology can help in a career change, a promotion, or demonstrate capabilities in a current job.

Career paths

  • Assistive Technology Specialist
  • Assistive Technology Consultant
  • Assistive Technology Rehab Aide
  • Director, Assistive Technology Department
  • Parents and Guardians
  • Educators and Administrators
  • Special Education Educators

I would highly recommend the Assistive Technology Certificate Program as well as the Masters degree program in Special Education from BGSU. Both were invaluable to my career in public school special education. I really liked the flexibility of choosing which classes I wanted to take and how many to take at one time. This was very helpful as I worked full time.

The course work and assignments gave me the opportunity to take what I was learning and put it into practice immediately. I really loved that the professors let you choose what you wanted to focus on with your assignments and emphasized choosing projects that would actually help you in your daily work as an educator. Lastly, I feel this program was in my budget and a really great return on my investment to further my education. Thanks BGSU!

Kim Crump

Kim Crump

Weber School District in Utah


The certificate in assistive technology aims to introduce students to the diversity of assistive technology, both low and high-tech systems.

Assistive technology students will learn new frameworks for assessing the impact and relevancy of any given technology for individuals with disabilities. Learn methods for making sure the individual drives the decisions, and a process for gathering and balancing the input of a decision-making team.

Assistive technology cert classes will also cover the assessment process and tools and strategies in making data-driven decisions.

Required courses

Criminal Justice

Sample courses

  • Introduction to Assistive Technology
  • Assessment Processes for Assistive Technology
  • Implementation Strategies for Assistive Technology
  • Integrating and Managing Assistive Technology in the Classroom

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The Assistive Technology Certificate is a program in the College of Education & Human Development.

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