The Master of Technology Management in Engineering Technology program is part of the BGSU Graduate College and BGSU College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering

Two BGSU master’s in technology management students engineer additive manufacturing components for a research project.
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  • Masters Available
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Master of Technology Management in

Engineering Technology

The BGSU Master of Technology Management in Engineering Technology (MTM-ENGT) provides students with advanced management skills and technical engineering knowledge.  

The degree works to help you reach your goals with hybrid delivery options, part-time or full-time classes, intense on-campus residencies and year-round open enrollment. Plus, you’ll develop the ability to conduct applied research.

In this program, you will gain experience in engineering technology, management strategies and green design processes that all lead to in-demand careers such as engineering manager, quality engineer, technology manager, process development and research and development manager.

Shift your career up a gear

As a graduate of the BGSU Master of Technology Management in Engineering Technology (MTM-ENGT) program, you will be well-positioned for management-level jobs where you need to effectively communicate and justify investment decisions through advanced engineering and economic analytical skills.

With an active alumni network, dynamic student engineering organizations and a state-of-the-art suite of labs located on our beautiful urban campus, BGSU offers a dynamic experience whether you are only on campus for one course or for your full degree.

In this program, you will also have opportunities to perform data analysis and synthesis while demonstrating critical skills in project management and leadership. The courses in this program integrate core engineering competencies to solve real-world problems in your chosen domain through original research.

Stand Out in courses like

  • Project Management in Applied Engineering
  • Data Analysis and Decision Making
  • Sustainability
  • Quality Culture Assessment
  • Quality Systems Planning
  • Lean Systems Analysis
  • Digital Communication and Networking
  • Research and Development in Technology
  • Graduate Internship

Work and study in an industry or government agency in a position related to your intended area of engineering specialization.


To earn a Master of Technology Management in Engineering Technology, you will complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of study and must maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average.  

The course work is composed of three phases:  

(1) MTM Core Courses
(2) Program Concentration
(3) Synthesis

All students select specific courses that meet their career and professional requirements, in consultations with the major advisor. Some MTM program courses are offered online only, while other courses are offered in both online and face to face formats. Students can complete this program online if they select courses carefully. International students would be able to select courses that meet USCIS requirements.

Go Far in your career

  • Technology Operations Engineer
  • Engineering Technology Manager
  • Engineering Integration Project Management 
  • Infrastructure Engineering Manager
  • Protection and Control Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Technology Manager
  • Research and Development
  • Education

MTM Core Courses (9 hours)

  • TECH 6030 or IDT 6030 - Data Analysis and Decision Making or STAT 6010 - Statistics for Managerial Decisions
  • TECH 6200 - Project Management in Applied Engineering
  • TECH 6790 - Research and Development in Technology

Synthesis Courses (3-6 hours) - Either Plan I or Plan II or Plan III

Plan I: Thesis Track

The thesis option is a major project of original research, conducted under the supervision of the student’s major advisor. Students electing this option must register for no fewer than six credit hours of thesis research as part of their degree program.

TECH 6990 - Thesis Research (6 hours)

Plan II: Non-Thesis Track Project

TECH 6910 - Directed Research in Technology (3 hours)

Plan III: Non-Thesis Track Capstone

Students choosing this option will conduct an applied project with a company to address a real-world problem using skills learned from various program courses. The students will write a project report and present the findings.

TECH 6960 - Supervised Practicum in Applied Engineering (3 hours)

Master of Technology Management in Engineering Technology Program Electives (15-18 hours)

Or select any other 5000 or 6000 level course with advisor approval.


  • Thesis - A formal exposition advancing a new point of view resulting from research. An MTM thesis shall be compliant with the guidelines and requirements defined in the BGSU Thesis and Dissertation Handbook and the requirements of the program, school and College of Technology and Applied Engineering.
  • Project - A formal exposition conveying information learned through reading and/or experimentation. The MTM project requirements are guided by the BGSU thesis requirements but does will not require a submission to the Graduate College following the departmental graduate faculty approval.
  • At least 18 credit hours of 6000 or higher-level courses must be taken.
  • No more than three independent study courses (TECH 6800/6820/6830/6840/6850 /6940/6950) and one internship (TECH 6880/6890) can be applied to this MTM program.
  • MTM core and a number of elective courses have been approved for distance learning.
  • Engineering Technology Students selecting the project track must take TECH 6905 prior to TECH 6910.  Both courses must be taken in the project track.


Our programs are widely recognized for excellence and our students enjoy consistently high job placement rates. Master’s of engineering technology graduates typically find positions such as an engineering manager, industrial engineer, plant manager, engineering systems integrator, process development, manager, research and development manager, applications engineering manager, software/automation engineer, engineering operations manager or professor.

Employers our alumni work for:

Cooper Standard, Emerson Electric, General Electric, Honda, Johns Manville, Pilkington, Stellantis, Dana Incorporated, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Owens Corning, and universities and colleges around the world.

Engineering Technology jobs are creative, flexible and fulfilling. For decades, technology has been a growth sector and shows no signs of slowing down.

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The Master of Technology Management in Engineering Technology program is part of the BGSU Graduate College and BGSU College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering

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Requirements for licensure, certification and/or endorsement eligibility vary greatly from one profession to another and from state to state. The master of technology management in engineering technology program does not lead to professional licensure.

* Job placement and salary information was compiled by the Office of Academic Assessment through the Graduation Survey from AY2015-2018. The data are gathered around the time of Commencement and a follow-up survey six months post Commencement. For the salary question, data for programs with fewer than fifteen responses are not included. Salaries for those programs are from the National Association of Colleges and Employers Summer 2019 Survey. For questions regarding the data, contact

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