Falcon Club Member Spotlight

Why We Give

Jason & Holly Zera


During these unusual times, with so many in need, unrest in our country, and uncertainty in the economy, one might wonder why we should choose to support the Falcon Club. Even in “normal” times, with expenses of raising kids (who knew their activities would cost so much!), saving for retirement and college, and all the other day-to-day expenses, some might still wonder why support the Falcon Club and student-athletes, when we could use these funds for so many other things.

For us, it is simple — we love BGSU and as alumni, are grateful for the exceptional education and lifetime of memories and friendships that we gained from attending the University. Giving to the Falcon Club seems like a natural way to give back. Not only is it a way to help current students, but it has provided us a way to connect with other Falcon alumni and fans. 

We value athletics, knowing the impact being involved in a sport can have in shaping a person. From time management skills, work ethic, friendships, teamwork, sacrifice, diversity, and goal setting, to name a few, these skills can be carried forward to every aspect of life. Supporting student-athletes so that they have the opportunity to continue to participate and to learn these skills is important to us. 

We also support the Falcon Club to help provide scholarships to these student-athletes who can learn so much both on and off the field. We know that many would not be able to attend college without the help of scholarships. Having received various scholarships in college, we know how every little bit helps. We are grateful to those who helped us and want to return this to others.   

In addition to our contributions, I am grateful that my employer, O-I Glass, Inc., has a matching gift program. Their commitment to education and enhancing the community provides for a match to our donation. It is an easy process and has allowed us to move up in giving levels and enjoy even more of the benefits of the Falcon Club. Many employers offer some form of a matching gift program, and we encourage others to reach out to their employers and take advantage of a matching gift program.

We are thankful to be a part of the BGSU community and want to encourage others to support the University and the Falcon Club. It not only helps to support student-athletes, but also is a great way to stay involved with the University.   

Updated: 01/15/2021 04:09PM