BGSU alumna Lauren Hyde stands in a hospital room during a shift as an intensive-care nurse.
Recent graduate Lauren Hyde broadened her knowledge of community health nursing through the BGSU Online RN to BSN program.

Cleveland-area nurse improves patient care practice after completing flexible BGSU Online nursing program

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Lauren Hyde ‘23 broadened her knowledge of community health nursing

By Laren Kowalczyk ‘07

Lauren Hyde ‘23 considers it a privilege to care for patients and their families during what are often very traumatic experiences in their lives.

As an intensive-care nurse, Hyde said she often wondered if she could do more.

“My patients deserve the best care possible,” said Hyde, whose quest for answers led her to the Bowling Green State University 100% online RN to BSN program. “I have all this clinical experience, but I felt I could be doing more.”

The BGSU Online program, which Hyde completed while working part-time at a Cleveland-area hospital, has been transformational.

“I have taken so much of what I learned in the program and applied it to my practice to improve patient care,” she said. “The program is structured to encourage us to think about things differently. I felt so encouraged and supported, and it’s obvious the faculty want to see you succeed.”

The RN to BSN program in the BGSU School of Nursing prioritizes student support, with faculty and staff deeply committed to helping students succeed.

BGSU is the only university in Ohio and one of 10 nationally to earn the Quality Matters Online Learner Support certificate for all of its online programs — differentiating the University's RN to BSN program from other online nursing degree programs.

The University's program is designed to improve leadership and clinical judgment skills and also emphasizes evidence-based practice.

Registered nurses, already trained and knowledgeable in the clinical aspects of the job, learn the rationale of those decisions, which is proven to improve patient care and outcomes.

"Our curriculum encourages students to explore research findings, collaborate on emerging healthcare issues and embrace innovative practices," said Dr. Nicki Lawrence, BSN curriculum coordinator and assistant clinical professor. "It provides meaningful learning opportunities that allow students to develop a deeper understanding of equity and quality in healthcare, advocacy, leadership and culturally sensitive nursing practice to better care for the patients and communities they serve."

Hyde said the program's focus on community and public health has been crucial to her growth as a nurse.

In the last several years, she began noticing a concerning trend among her patients, who are often among the hospital's most vulnerable.

They were frequently labeled non-compliant upon arrival in the intensive-care unit, meaning they weren’t taking necessary medications or keeping up with routine health appointments.

Hyde said that while the blame is often placed on the patient, she began questioning the healthcare system.

“Where did we drop the ball with these patients?” she asked. 

Through the RN to BSN program, Hyde said she learned about community health nursing — a practice with which she had little experience previously.

She discovered the many factors that can contribute to a patient not filling prescriptions or going to doctor’s appointments, including a general lack of education, mental health barriers, financial constraints and other obstacles.

“I really began to understand the importance of community health nursing and not only focusing on the acute issues that are happening in the ICU but looking at that patient holistically,” Hyde said. “You have to diagnose why they are making those choices so you can help support them once they move out of the ICU and when they move home.

“Since going through the BGSU program, I can better advocate for my patients and their families and have seen my patients’ health progress in positive ways.”

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