closeup of a brown squirrel eating on campus
A squirrel finds a fall treat on campus. (BGSU photo/Luke Allen)

In Photos: Fall Colors on Campus 2023

With the exception of a Halloween snow that was more trick than treat, fall at BGSU has been a splendor of colors.

The leaves are falling and autumn is calling on the campus of Bowling Green State University - that is up until the season's first snowfall on Oct. 31. University photographers Craig Bell and Haven Conn '22 and student photographer Luke Allen documented the beauty of the season.

A photo taken by drone shows an aerial view of University Hall with trees in fall color
A tapestry of multicolored leaves leads up to University Hall. (BGSU photo/Craig Bell)
Yellow maple leaves float in a puddle on campus
Maple leaves swim in a puddle in their last act of beauty. (BGSU photo/Luke Allen)
A person rides a bike on campus in the fall
For some, fall weather is best experienced on two wheels. (BGSU photo/Haven Conn '22)

Generally in Bowling Green, the summers are warm and the winters are on the snowy side, but autumn is particularly cherished on campus as it brings out the orange and brown hues that the University is known for. The reds, yellows and golden colors also serve as a vibrant counterpoint to the official BGSU colors.

Yellow maple leaves are pictured falling from a tree in front of University Hall
Yellow maple leaves rain down on the Bowen-Thompson Quadrangle. (BGSU photo/Craig Bell)
A brown BGSU University Seal banner is pictured through trees with autumn leaves
A BGSU University Seal banner peeks through the trees. (BGSU photo/Luke Allen)
Female student sits in a blue hammock with a laptop on the BGSU campus
A student takes advantage of a fresh-air study break. (BGSU photo/Haven Conn '22)
An aerial view of the BGSU letters and the oval during autumn
The autumn sun casts long shadows through the Oval. (BGSU photo/Haven Conn ’22)

The warmer fall weather provided an ideal backdrop for the many activities on and around campus this season. In addition to the 101st Homecoming festivities and the celebration of 100 years of BGSU bands, campus hosted Falcon Family Weekend, Weeks of Welcome, Fall Fest and the Mid-Autumn Festival, just to name a few.

Student walking from class is reflected in a puddle outside the Education Building.
A student walking from class is reflected in a puddle outside the Education Building. (BGSU photo/Luke Allen)
Students walk on campus in autumn with trees showing orange and yellow leaves
Students enjoy the sunshine while walking between classes (BGSU photo/Haven Conn ’22)
Jerome Library is pictured in the distance of a photo taken by drone showing campus trees changing color
Jerome Library towers over the changing leaves. (BGSU photo/Haven Conn ’22)
The University Seal is seen from high above the trees.
The University Seal is seen from high above the trees. (BGSU photo/Haven Conn ’22)
Aerial view of campus through downtown Bowling Green, taken by drone above University Hall
A hazy autumn sun hangs over Bowling Green, illuminating the many autumn trees on campus and beyond. (BGSU photo/Haven Conn '22)

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