Golden Falcon medallions lay on a table
Medallions and certificates were bestowed upon the latest class of Golden Falcons, alumni who graduated at least 50 years ago from BGSU.

In Photos: Golden Falcons reunion 2023

Alumni who graduated at least 50 years ago meet for a trip down memory lane

On June 12, Bowling Green State University welcomed back a remarkable group of alumni. The Golden Falcons, a distinguished cohort who graduated at least 50 years ago, gathered for a day filled with memories, laughter and a celebration of their enduring Falcon spirit.

"Although our campus has changed much in the last 50 years, one thing has remained constant – the people who are the heart of BGSU. People like you, who exemplify what it means to be a Falcon," said BGSU President Rodney K. Rogers.

Three BGSU Golden Falcon alumni stand together and pose
Patricia Beck '71, left, joins fellow Golden Falcon Dennis Adams '72 and Barbara Adams.

Festivities started at the Mileti Alumni Center, where the Golden Falcons reunited over lunch, and classmates who had been separated by time and distance caught up on the chapters of their lives that had unfolded since their days at BGSU. Larry Weiss '67, former BGSU Alumni Association director, led the Golden Falcons on a captivating journey down memory lane.

BGSU alumni Mike Kuhlin and Steven Russell talk at a reception
Mike Kuhlin '68 and Steven Russell '71 chat during the reception at the Mileti Alumni Center.
BGSU alumna sits at alumni center event
Golden Falcon Jacqueline (Bruch) Trace '57 listens during a reception at the Mileti Alumni Center.
Woman stands in front of mural depicting Bowling Green State University
Ardenia Terry ’72 stands in front of the mural at the Mileti Alumni Center that was dedicated in 2022 in honor of the 100th BGSU Homecoming.

Eager to see how their alma mater has evolved, the Golden Falcons embarked on a "Then and Now" campus tour, marveling at the growth and transformation that has taken place.

But the day held more than just reminiscing. The Golden Falcons had the opportunity to choose a Focus on Campus event, each offering a glimpse into the diverse facets of the University's present. 

Dr. Joe B. Whitehead Jr. speaks with two women during a Golden Falcon reception
Dr. Joe B. Whitehead Jr., provost and senior vice president for Academic and Student Affairs, speaks with Golden Falcon Kay (Barrett) Brien ’69 and guest Brenda Goswick.
Two couples sit at a table during the Golden Falcons reunion
Golden Falcon reunion attendees pause to pose for a photo during the festivities. From left, Bonita and James Mosher ’71 are joined by Robert Westfall '66 and Susan Westfall.

Some chose to tour the Falcon Flight Center, guided by BGSU aviation students who shared their passion for flight. The Golden Falcons witnessed the intricate workings of aviation education and the dedication of these aspiring pilots and flight crew members.

For those with an interest in guiding young minds toward success, the "Preparing 21st Century Students: Life Design at BGSU" session presented by Adrienne Ausdenmoore, executive director of the Geoffrey H. Radbill Center for College and Life Design, proved enlightening. They discovered how BGSU has embraced the evolving needs of students, empowering them to design their own paths and be prepared to navigate the complex landscape of the modern world.

BGSU alumnus Ralph Wolfe '51 and Pam Conlin, vice president for Bowling Green State University Advancement and the president and CEO of the BGSU Foundation, Inc. speak.
Golden Falcon Ralph Wolfe speaks with Pam Conlin, vice president for Bowling Green State University Advancement and the president and CEO of the BGSU Foundation, Inc.

As the day drew to a close, President Rogers welcomed the Golden Falcons to a reception and dinner at the Mileti Center. The room resonated with heartfelt conversations and laughter, as alumni from different years and backgrounds forged new connections while revisiting their established camaraderie.

Two BGSU alumni stand and talk
Ronald Launs '61 speaks to a fellow alumnus during a reunion event at the Mileti Alumni Center.
Two Golden Falcon alumna sit and talk
Golden Falcons Kay (Barrett) Brien '69 and Ardenia Terry ’72 chat during the reunion.
Two couples pose at a table
Enjoying each other's company at the Mileti Alumni Center are, left to right, Darlene (Ditto) Petkwitz ’71, Gerard Volk '71, Michael Emerine ’69, and Sue Emerine.

During the evening's Golden Falcon Society induction ceremony, President Rogers recognized the remarkable achievements and loyalty of these distinguished alumni. Certificates and medallions were conferred upon 54 Golden Falcons, as tangible symbols of their enduring bonds with BGSU.

  1. Dennis Adams ’72
  2. Patricia Beck ’71
  3. Carol (Blausey) Bolander ’72
  4. Samuel Bolander ’72
  5. Kay (Barrett) Brien ’69
  6. Madge (Hommel) Brown '72
  7. Marilyn (Crandall) Brundage ’71
  8. Randall Brundage ’70
  9. Ed DaGiau ’70
  10. Ed Ellis ’71
  11. Michael Emerine ’69
  12. Sharon (Strub) Emerine ’71
  13. Steve Emerine ’72
  14. Susan (Thompson) Emerine ’72
  15. Sue (Henningsen) Hamen ’70
  16. Beverly Harrington ’70
  17. Nancella (Wilson) Harris ’58
  18. Mattie (Holloway) Hatchet ’63
  19. Cheryl (Predmore) Hayward ’73
  20. Roger Hayward ’72
  21. Douglas Hoffman ’69
  22. Jack Hott ’70
  23. Warren Kahn ’71
  24. Richard Kampfer ’67
  25. Bill Keller ’64
  26. Ronald Launs ’61
  27. Cynthia (Wagner) Leibold ’70
  28. Gary Leibold ’70
  29. Kathy (Sabins) Lewis ’72
  30. Linda (Tietje) Logsdon ’69
  31. Joyce (Jameson) Merle ’64
  32. James Mosher ’71
  33. Gary Newnham ’71
  34. Darlene (Ditto) Petkwitz ’71
  35. Marlene (Dietrich) Purdy ’69
  36. James Reiter ’70
  37. Brian Ross ’70
  38. Steven Russell ’71
  39. David Shilling ’72
  40. Elizabeth (Lane) Solley ’72
  41. Paul Stiffler ’65
  42. Alix (Foust) Stout ’70
  43. Thomas Stout ’71
  44. Ardenia Terry ’72
  45. John Thomas ’71
  46. Teresa (Hively) Thomas ’70
  47. Jacqueline (Bruch) Trace ’57
  48. John Tuttle ’65
  49. Gerard Volk ’71
  50. Glenn Waggoner ’71
  51. Carl Wangler ’66
  52. Robert Westfall ’66
  53. Diane (Kinsey) Wisda ’73
  54. Nick Wisda ’71
Table of BGSU alumni raise glasses to toast
Nancella (Wilson) Harris '58 raises a glass as the Golden Falcons are led in a toast by President Rodney K. Rogers.

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