Large group of students have a snowball fight on BGSU campus
BGSU students face off in a friendly snowball fight on campus on Wednesday, Jan. 25.


Falcons made the most of a snow day with a friendly snowball fight and other winter fun on the Bowen-Thompson Quadrangle

BGSU Falcons know how to have a ball in a variety of situations, and Wednesday's snowstorm proved a perfect opportunity to get outside for a large-scale friendly snowball fight on campus. The spirited event even drew Freddie and Frieda Falcon and SIC SIC to the scene.

Check out these photos of the frigid fun captured by BGSU photographers Craig Bell, Justin Camuso-Stall '14 and Haven Conn '22 as well as student photographer Hannah McFarland.

Snowball Fight on Campus 2023
Students answered the call on social media to come meet at the Bowen-Thompson Quad at 4 p.m. (only if they weren't in classes). The snow fell thick and fast, and was the perfect consistency for making snowballs, snow sculptures and snow angels.
A student ducks from a snowball
BGSU mascot Frieda Falcon throws a snowball
A student gets ready to throw a snowball
BGSU mascot Freddie Falcon gets hit by a snowball
Two students take a selfie on a sled
A student throws a snowball
Block BGSU letters are seen on campus with snow on the ground

A fresh blanket of snow on campus - and the absence of whipping winds - gave a winter wonderland feel to BGSU. And kudos to BGSU Campus Operations for keeping paths and lots clear as the snow came down, and for students who also found ways to give a helping hand.

BGSU campus with snow
A snow removal tractor clears snow on BGSU campus
SIC SIC members hold a snowball
A person brushes snow off a vehicle windshield
Students help a Starship robot out of the snow
A snowman on BGSU campus

The population at BGSU also increased by a few new faces as students created snow people on campus, adorning them in natural winter finery. BGSU is the place to be amid accumulating snow and a lot of student creativity.

Students make a snowman
Two students make snow angels
A student gives a peace sign
Students play spikeball in the snow
A big group of students who were in a snowball fight

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