A student walking down a snowy path on campus while checking her phone

In photos: A true Bowling Green winter

After a nearly snowless start of the spring semester, snow blanketed Bowling Green State University in late January, ushering in the return of a true Bowling Green winter. Following the snow, cold temperatures took hold, giving students the full BGSU winter experience and an opportunity to relate to generations of alumni with fond memories of winter in Bowling Green.

University photographers Craig Bell and Justin Camuso-Stall '14 and student photography intern Haven Conn captured the return of winter at BGSU.

Students make the trek to the famed sledding hill at the otherwise mostly flat BGSU to enjoy the snow.
The Starship show must go on! Delivery robots work through the elements, plowing through a snowy lot near the Wolfe Center.
 A view of Williams Hall through a walkway connecting two of the Traditions Buildings.
Students bundle up to walk through the snow on campus.
The snow doesn't slow down a dog going on a walk across campus.
A student walks in front of the BGSU sign by Greek Village heading to campus with their arms full of materials for a class.
Campus Operations staff work to clear sidewalks on campus.
Trying to shield the snow, a student walks with an umbrella across campus.

A student smiles, enjoying a chilly walk across campus.

Students enter and exit the Jerome Library, leaving footprints in the snow.

Snow flies in front of three students sledding together.

Even the squirrels were covered in snow climbing down a tree.

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