Sherry Sullivan awarded title of Distinguished Research Professor

BGSU professor of management recognized for innovative contributions to study of organizational management


By Meredith Troxel

Dr. Sherry Sullivan, professor of management in the Bowling Green State University College of Business, has had an interest in business and management since high school that has guided her through her collegiate and professional careers.

Sullivan graduated from BGSU in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in business administration and came back to the University in 1993 as a Faculty member in the Department of Management.

She recently was awarded the title of Distinguished Research Professor by the BGSU Board of Trustees in recognition of her innovative contributions to the study of organizational management at BGSU.

Sullivan concentrated her undergraduate studies on human resource management, organizational development and labor economics within her time as a student. Management sparked her interest because of its influence on people and how organizations can effectively develop systems to enhance performance and satisfaction of employees.

She published her book, “The Opt Out Revolt,” in 2005 and aims to discuss how the need for careers that are more authentic, balanced and challenging are the driving force for career changes for men and women. Her book included over five years of research, studies and focus groups to determine what affects career paths and finding a better work life balance.

Sullivan has published numerous research publications with colleagues around the world. She credits her collaborations with other scholars on her publications as one of her biggest career accomplishments. Because of today’s technology and video chat software, she is able to continue working with her international colleagues from past publications.

“It’s been so fascinating to work with people who have different backgrounds and experiences.” Sullivan said.

She also completed many solo research publications, including one in 1999 for the Journal of Management which discussed the changing of careers. Her publication has become one of the most cited publications from the Journal of Management and is required reading for many doctoral programs.

“We are very proud of the research record of Dr. Sullivan,” said Raymond Braun, dean of the College of Business. “Her peers recognize her as one of the top scholars in the world. She is most deserving of the recognition as Distinguished Research Professor.”

Sullivan has received many professional awards during her career for her research and teaching, which she proudly displays on her office wall. She received the 2006 award from the Academy of Management Careers Division for her teamwork with Madeline Crocitto, professor at SUNY Old Westbury, for their publication on the developmental theory of careers.

Her other awards and milestones include an O-I professorship in 2018 and recognition as an Oxford Journal distinguished scholar in 2016. 

“Dr. Sullivan is literally considered a rock star in our academic field,” said Dr. Monica Forret, director of the Doctorate of Business Administration program at St. Ambrose University and a colleague of Dr. Sullivan, “She has also made an enormous impact on our field through her guidance to faculty. I can easily state that no individual has been more influential in my academic career than Dr. Sullivan.

“Early in my career, right after earning my doctorate degree, it was Dr. Sullivan who encouraged and advised me on submitting my work. She was a tremendous mentor to me and is an extremely valued colleague, co-author and friend. What I would like to emphasize is that I am not unique. There are multiple scholars around the globe who can attest to this level of career impact that Dr. Sullivan has had on them. Her commitment to the field and her desire to help others succeed is exemplary.”

Updated: 04/17/2020 02:28PM