Conference Presentations and Posters

National Council on Family Relations

Presentations and posters addressing specific topics related to family structure and well-being given by NCFMR staff, faculty affiliates, and students during National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) annual conferences. The NCFR is an association of professionals dedicated to the multidisciplinary understanding and strengthening of families through research, practice, and education.


  •  Eric E. Sevareid, Paul Hemez, Karen Benjamin Guzzo, Susan L. Brown, and Krista K. Payne


  • Karen Benjamin Guzzo
    • How Are Children Linked to Current Cohabitors' Expectations of Marriage?
  • Karen Guzzo, Paul Hemez, Wendy D. Manning, and Susan L. Brown
    • Parent-Adult Child Relationship Quality: Variation by Union Status & Childbearing Partners
  • Annette Mahoney, NCFMR research affiliate
    • Sacred Conversations and Connections: Resources and Risks for Diverse Families and Religious Communities

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