Bowling Green State University

The following presentations and posters are from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) sponsored events. These presentations and posters are given by NCFMR staff, faculty affiliates, and students and address specific topics related to family structure and well-being.

  • Presidential Inauguration Student Research Symposium 2011
    • Julia Arroyo, NCFMR Undergraduate Research Assistant
      Median Age at First Marriage, by Sex: 1980 - 2011 - View Poster
  • The Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series
    • Susan Brown, NCFMR Co-Director
      Partnering in Later Life: New Frontiers in Family Research
       -- View PDF
  • Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR) Conference 2009 
    • Sh'Anea L. Jackson, NCFMR Undergraduate Research Assistant
      Marital Status in the U.S., 2008: Variations by Gender, Race, and Ethnicity
       -View Poster
    • Jeffrey L. White, Jr., NCFMR Undergraduate Research Assistant
      Median Age of Marriage: Differences by Gender and Educational Attainment
      View Poster

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