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Family Profiles

FP-12-13 Nonresident Fathers and Child Support: Exploring Who Pays and How Much

FP-12-10 Mothers and Fathers Exiting the Workforce in 2008

FP-12-09 Fatherhood in the U.S.: The Decoupling of Marriage and Childbearing

FP-12-08 Who are Nonresident Fathers? Demographic Characteristics of Nonresident Fathers

FP-12-02 Nonresident Father Visitation

FP-12-01 On the Road to Adulthood: Young Men's Contact with Criminal Justice System

FP-11-11 On the Road to Adulthood: Sequencing of Family Experiences

FP-11-10 Fatherhood in the U.S.: Number of Children, 1987-2010

FP-11-08 On the Road to Adulthood: Forming Families

FP-11-04 Fatherhood in the U.S.: Men's Age at First Birth, 1987-2008

FP-10-08 Same-Sex Couple Households in the U.S., 2009

Measures Snapshots

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Working Papers and Publications

WP-11-03 Rinelli McClain, L., & DeMaris, A. (2011, September). A Better Deal for Cohabiting Fathers? Union Status Differences in Father Involvement.

WP-10-15 Evenhouse, E., & Reilly, S. (2010, October). Multiple-Father Fertility, Prevalence and Connection to the Criminal Justice System.

WP-10-14 Rinelli, L. N. (2010, October). Better Parents, More Stable Partners: Union Transitions Among Cohabiting Parents.

WP-10-13 Pendry, P. (2010, October). Exploring Links between Interparental Discord, Children’s Physiological Stress-System Activity, and Negative Affectivity.

WP-10-07 Kalil, A., & Wightman, P. (2010, July). Parental Job Loss and Family Conflict.

WP-10-02 Dunifon, R., Carmalt, J. H., & Joyner, K. (2009, March). Parenting in Vain?: Stepfather Influences on Early Transitions to Parenthood.

WP-09-04 Rinelli, L. N. (2009, July). Father Involvement Over Time and Differences by Union Status: A Comparison of Mother and Father Reports.

WP-09-03 Roettger, M. E., Swisher, R. R., Kuhl, D., & Chavez, J. M. (2009, July).Paternal Incarceration and Altered Trajectories of Marijuana and Hard Drug Use From Adolescence into Adulthood: Evidence From National Panels of U.S. Males and Females.

WP-09-01 Roettger, M. E., & Swisher, R. R. (2009, March). Examining Racial Variations in the Associations of Father’s History of Incarceration with Son’s Delinquency and Arrest in Contemporary U.S. Society. Published in Criminology (2011), 49: 1109–1147.

  • Parental Incarceration
  • Fertility Characteristics
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Same-Sex Couples

Research Briefs

RB-09-01 Rinelli, L. N. (2009). The Coparenting Relationship: Key to Strengthening Fragile Families.

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