Rich history hits all the right notes

When the Falcon Marching Band performs at a home football game, it’s more than lots of music and fancy marching taking place.

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The Language Of Sport

When the Falcon basketball and volleyball teams stepped onto courts in Italy, Croatia and Cuba in summer 2016, it wasn’t about winning or losing. For the players and coaches, it was about experiencing new cultures and sharing a passion for their sport.

Emphasis Experiential Learning Prepares Students Success

Now that BGSU’s Career Center and Student Employment Services is located on the second floor of the Union, so much more is possible. From individual or group internships and co-ops, undergraduate research and field experience, to clinicals and practicums, BGSU’s gateway to experiential learning has a front row seat to 50,000 students who pass through the Union doors on a weekly basis.


On Sept. 30, 2016, nearly 150 guests gathered to honor Robert’55, ‘06 (Hon.) and Ellen ’54, ’06 (Hon.) Thompson in the very building named in the couple’s honor. The University’s first Lifetime Achievement Award was given to the Thompsons in recognition of their commitment to their alma mater and to the future of BGSU.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:58PM