From left to right:
Phillip Zulli (Cincinnati), Hayley Hoss (Cranberry Township, Pa.), Cameron Friedman (Pickerington, Ohio), Jake Dallas (Malibu, Calif.), Hannah Finnerty (Waterloo, Ill.), Tatum McManus (Perrysburg, Ohio), Najiaah Pillow (Detroit), Michael Foster (Detroit), Josh Roeloff (Lincoln, Neb.), Mary Fleck (Petersburg, Mich.), Scott Knapke (St. Henry, Ohio), Alisa Sledge (Detroit) and Hannah Cubberly (Chagrin Falls, Ohio).

They are connected.

To their friends, families and the world.

They communicate constantly.

Social media is central to their daily lives and they send more than 150 texts per day.

Digital connections are key.

Getting connected is the first activity most days and a day without their phone is unthinkable.

Their perspective is global.

Technology provides a gateway to international issues, values and cultures.

They set high standards.

The Class of 2019 is the best academically prepared class in the University’s history.


Class of 2018 — Where are they now?

Highlights of freshman year, from left to right:

Meg Carroll     
Aaron Natyshak     
Avery Dowell     
Nathan Schroeder    
Chris Miller    
Haley Puk    
Kyle Lamb     
Amanda Pack    
Aaron Flores     

Being vice president of Anime Club
Joining Sigma Phi Epsilon
Learning to express myself to the world through the VCT major
Providing videography for Rally Cap Sports
Becoming part of a great group of friends
Watching great fan support and traveling to Florida and California for women’s basketball games
Becoming treasurer of College Republicans
Studying abroad in Paris
Becoming a member of the FIJI fraternity

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