A network for Falcons, by Falcons

Welcome to the Falcon Professional Network (FPN)! This networking platform, exclusive to BGSU, is a groundbreaking initiative that makes building connections between alumni, employer partners and current students more accessible than ever. FPN allows our Falcon community to connect with shared interest groups, inspire future BGSU graduates and enhance professional growth and opportunities.



Connect with professionals who have been in your shoes. Your access to a trusted network of industry professionals and leaders will help foster meaningful connections that will last far beyond graduation.

  • Connect with alumni, employers, and other students to expand your professional network.
  • Post on the Discussion Board, ask questions and engage in career-related conversations.
  • Access educational/career resources to sharpen your skills and industry knowledge.

Alumni | Employer Partners | Faculty/Staff

This free networking platform offers Falcon alums, faculty/staff, and our employer partners the chance to connect with each other and enhance your professional growth and opportunities of BGSU students.

  • Connect with Falcon students, alums, and Falcon friends from around the world who want to connect with you.
  • Participate as much or little as you wish – whether answering one question per month or establishing an ongoing connection with a student or fellow alum.
  • Leave a comment, pose a question, link to an insightful article and engage with a community that shares your interests.


FPN was designed for precisely this purpose! Those who have joined the FPN community have done so to share their expertise, answer questions, and provide advice as you design your career. 

  • Those who join FPN are doing so to engage with you directly, whether through a phone call, coffee chat, or email exchange. FPN is focused solely on facilitating connections that lead to actual conversations. 

  • Also, all of the individuals on the platform are connected to BGSU. We have already vetted all the profiles, and everyone in the system wants to be here. Falcons help Falcons. 

Hopefully, it will not be long! If you’re reaching out to an alum who is a working professional, they may not be able to respond immediately. However, if you don’t receive a response within one week, we encourage you to reach out again.

Absolutely! People join FPN daily, so keep using the platform for new recommendations. Also, if you aren’t finding people doing what you would like to do, think about engaging with those who match with you in different ways. For example, if you’re interested in moving to a new city, search for people in the cities you’re considering and reach out for the inside scoop! 

Spring Career Expo 2023

Networking Best Practices and Safety Tips:

  • There is no fee or time requirement to join the community or to connect with others.
  • Do not share personal information like social security numbers, credit card information, or place of residence.
  • Meet-ups should occur in a public and trusted environment.
  • Profanity of any kind is not acceptable to post on Discussion Boards or in messages.
  • Remain respectful, professional and value each other's time.
  • Report all inappropriate behavior to the Kuhlin Career Hub by calling 419-372-2356 or contact your local authorities.

Michael and Sara Kuhlin Hub for Career Design and Connections

225 Bowen-Thompson Student Union
Fax: 419-372-9847

Career Design: kuhlinhub@bgsu.edu

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