BGSU Esports

BGSU Esports is a competitive online gaming program that provides students with the opportunity to compete in a variety of video games at any level. We offer teams in various game titles, including Valorant, Rocket League, League of Legends and Overwatch. Students can join one of these teams and participate in tournaments and matches against other universities and collegiate Esports teams by visiting the Discord server.

Join teams and participate on our discord server


You can get involved by joining our discord server! Stay Tuned for Fall 2023 Dates.

When you join the Discord server you will see all the names of the managers on the right side of the application. Be sure to message the manager of the game you are interested in playing. You can also send a message in the respective channel in order to find some people to play with casually.  

BGSU Esports is always looking for new games to add to the roster we already have! We run teams on a manager basis that allows any of our members to take action and get their game rolling. If you want to get a team started, join the Discord server and message the president or an officer and they will send you in the right direction!

BGSU has an Esports lab filled with gaming equipment on the first floor of Kohl Hall.


Updated: 07/07/2023 02:30PM