Student Travel Policy

The Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Student Travel Policy is designed to ensure that University departments, recognized student organizations, and individual travelers adequately consider and plan for the safety issues associated with an event, activity, and/or class involving travel. This policy establishes guidelines for University sponsored travel involving students.

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To establish guidelines for University sponsored travel involving enrolled students, both international and domestic.

Students traveling individually, and faculty and staff coordinating travel involving students, when the travel meets the criteria for reporting as defined in the policy

Reporting per the policy is required when travel involves students, and the travel is 1) more than 50 miles from campus, and/or 2) involves an overnight stay, and is organized/sponsored by 1) a student organization, 2) a University department, 3) required for a course, and/or 4) fully or partially funded by, or in the name of, BGSU.

You should use the online form that is linked at the top of this web page to register.

At least 2 weeks in advance of the trip, when possible.

No. Travel approval is handled through existing department and university policies and procedures. Registration per this policy is simply a notification tool.

Because the purpose of registering travel is to allow the University to assist students in an emergency, University leadership has access to information. Dean of Students office for domestic travel, International Programs and Partnerships office for international travel, University Police, and Risk Management have access.

Students traveling individually can complete the registration for themselves. Trip leaders for group travel, and faculty/staff for academic travel, can complete one registration for the group.

Yes. NCAA travel, students flying as part of the Aviation program, pleasure travel, students attending athletic events as spectators, and some domestic travel as part of internships and student teaching (see policy for more details).

For students, the BGSU Code of Student Conduct applies, as well as other University policies and procedures and applicable laws. For Faculty and Staff, University policies and procedures and applicable laws apply. This policy specifically states that Faculty and Staff, as well as students in their role as employees, 1) shall not share overnight accommodations with student participants, and 2) are strongly discouraged from consuming alcohol, while traveling with students.   

Waivers should be completed for voluntary travel. Waivers are not required for travel that is mandatory (required) as part of a course for academic credit. Full details can be found on the Risk Management website.

Updated: 05/18/2023 02:20PM