Useful Phone Numbers, Addresses and Other Information

Admissions110 McFall Center419-372-2478
Advising, Academic (College Offices)  
    Arts and Sciences205 Administration Building419-372-2015

    Schmidthorst College of Business

114 Maurer Center419-372-2747
    Education and Human Development
365 Education Building419-372-7372
    BGSU Firelands129 George Mylander Hall419-372-0676
    Health and Human Services
104 Health and Human Services Building419-372-8242
    Musical Arts1031 Moore Musical Arts Center419-372-2181
    Technology102 Technology Building419-372-7581
    Pre-Major and Academic Planning292 Hayes Hall419-372-8943
University Program for Academic Success (UPAS)292 Hayes Hall419-372-8943
Campus Safety100 College Park419-372-2346
Changing MajorsCollege Offices 
    Career Center225 Bowen-Thompson Student Union
    Counseling Center104 College Park419-372-2081
    Psychological Services
300 Psychology Building  419-372-2540
Employment, Student225 Bowen-Thompson Student Union419-372-2865
Financial Aid
231 Administration Building419-372-2651
Residence Life470 Math Science Building419-372-2011
BG1 Card Services130 Bowen-Thompson Student Union
Payments132 Administration Building419-372-2815
Student Health Services
838 E. Wooster St.
Transcripts110 Administration Building419-372-8441




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