Licensing Eligibility

Licensing Information 

As of August, 2021, our research indicates that the clinical program curriculum contains all of the elements needed for licensing in 45 out of the 50 USA states. Listed below is information about licensing in the 5 states that have additional coursework and/or experiential training requirements. Many of these requirements can be accomplished within the clinical program by taking specialized courses and/or pursuing additional training experiences.  The licensing laws of states are continuously evolving, so it is important for students to routinely check for any changes in licensing laws.

California: (pg 133)
-coursework in suicide risk assessment and intervention (or applied experience later) (6 hour

-aging and long term care including instruction on assessment, reporting of, treatment related to elder and dependent adult abuse and neglect (10 contact hours)
- detection and treatment of alcohol and other chemical substance
- assessment, detection and intervention of spousal or partner abuse (15 contact hours)

Massachusetts: (pg2)
-3 credit hours in Racial/Ethnic Bases of Behavior with a Focus on People of Color: Cross-cultural psychology, psychology and social oppression, racism and psychology.

-Beginning in March 30, 2022, a one-time training in identifying victims of human trafficking must be completed before licensure

New Jersey: (pg14)
-The doctoral degree must be based upon at least 40 doctoral credit hours. 36 of the required 40 credit hours shall be distributed across the following areas of graduate study:
1) Personality Theory and Human Development Theory: six credits;
2) Learning Theory and/or Physiological Psychology: six credits;
3) Psychological Measurement and Psychological Assessment: six credits;
4) Psychopathology: six credits;

New York
- Satisfy the Child Abuse Identification Reporting requirement by completing coursework or training in the identification and reporting of child abuse in accordance with Section 6507(3)(a) of the Education Law. See additional information and a list of approved providers for this training.

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