Past Connection Center Projects

  • COVID-19 Mural Project—Frances Griffith (2020-2021): Engaged members in collaboration to design and paint an outdoor mural during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members contributed ideas for the mural theme online and in-person, deciding on the theme: “Staying connected to your local community and nature.” They went on to form a committee to plan and implement the mural and worked together to complete the mural painting. Members also collaboratively drafted a press release to publicize the mural to the larger community. Check out interviews with members about the mural here as well as here.
  • Photography Project – Jaclyn Leith: Worked with members to create a weekly photography group that emphasized the democratic and communal nature of photography. The group involved outings in the community and photos were publicly displayed during the annual Bowling Green art festival.
  • Art for Recovery – Alexis Hamill (2008-2009) and Cate Petrowski (2014-2015): Two interns collaborated with members to create art groups that culminated in mural projects. Alexis and members created a community mural that depicts members’ experiences of recovery. Cate worked with members to create a Before I Die I Want to… mural, a global art project that encourages viewers to participation and add their aspirations.
  • Fundraising, Story Club, and Website – Shinakee Gumber: Collaborated with members to put together a short story reading club, design and develop a clubhouse website, and hold a member-run rummage sale to raise funds for the clubhouse.
  • Center Stage Players – David Faigin: Organized a group of members to put on a play that addressed hospitalization, stigma, family, and recovery. Also worked with members to organize a weekly acting group that eventually grew into a theatre troupe.
  • Healthy Lifestyles Project – Kristen Abraham: Collaborated with members and another student to create a health and fitness program that involved health education sessions, potluck dinners, a walking program, and a library of resources.
  • Pet Project – Sarah Greenberg: Collaborated with members and a local humane society to talk about animals and pets, and create home-made pet treats for shelter animals. 
  • Clay Group - Sabrina Gonzales: Collaborated with members to run a weekly clay group, where group members learned how to make different art pieces out of clay. Members planned for and co-facilitated groups.
  • Project of "Little Projects" - Jessica Hartl Majcher: Organized several projects based on the interests of members that occurred within and outside of the Center. Projects included but were not limited to assisting members who were interested in voting in the 2016 election to ensure they could cast their ballot, a tour of the control tower of the Toledo Express Airport, hosting disability rights advocate Gaelynn Lea for a speech and performance, helping members with computer activities, and making dream catchers, crafts, and decorations for the Center. 

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