2018 Scholarships and Awards Ceremony

2018 BGSU Department of Journalism and Public Relations Award winners

KTA Journalism Hall of Fame Inductee

Bob Bortel

KTA Student Inductees

Shannon Cleary

Rebecca Erwin

Hannah Finnerty

Elijah Johnson

Stepha Poulin

Currier Young Professional

Jason Rentner

F. Dennis Hale Memorial Scholarship

Kamillia Forbes

Gerald Murray Scholarship

Hannah Finnerty

H & E Fisher Undergraduate Journalism Award

Jacob Clary

John H. Walker Journalism Scholarship

Abigail Shifley

Megan Pettit

Beverly Murray Scholarship

Stepha Poulin

Larry & Fran Weiss Journalism Scholarship

Kaitlyn Fillhart

Florence K. and Jesse J. Currier Scholarship (Rising Senior)

Audra Delaney

Florence K. and Jesse J. Currier Scholarship (Rising Junior)

Brionna Scebbi

Florence K. and Jesse J. Currier Success Scholarship

Stepha Poulin

Kaitlyn Fillhart

Hannah Finnerty

Collins Sports Media Scholarship

Chase Bachman

Terry Goodman Memorial Journalism Scholarship

Abigail Shifley

Alicia Kobasic

Spencer Canary Scholarship

Hannah Finnerty

Sidney Ribeau Scholarship in Media & Communication

Abigail Shifley

Broadcast Sequence Award

Amy Steigerwald

Multiplatform Sequence Award

Courtney Brown

Public Relations Sequence Award

Alexandra Pearson

Rebecca Irwin

Waugh Award

Holly Shively

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