Reserving Labs

Faculty and TAs may reserve any of the three LLC areas (CMC, VVA, or LC) for class or seminar work. It is requested that reservations be made at least 24 hours in advance in order to avoid scheduling conflicts. Confirmation of reservations may be made in person, via phone call or via e-mail (xyang@bgsu.edu) with the Center Coordinator.

Canceling Reservations

We request that all cancellations be made at least 24 hours in advance of the cancelled reservation time out of courtesy to the other classes that might want to use that time slot. Cancellations may be done by calling us at 419-372-8146 or via e-mail to xyang@bgsu.edu

Multimedia Service Policy / Copyright Protection Policy

IMPORTANT : By using our multimedia services you accept and agree to be bound by our copyright protection policy.

All converting or copying of multimedia materials must be for the purpose of language teaching or language research. Faculty or TAs who request for this service are responsible for copyright compliance regarding their converted, copied or uploaded materials.

The Virtual Video Room (VVR) and the Virtual CD Player (VCP) are developed to facilitate language teaching and research, and must be used in the spirit of the Copyright Law. Faculty or TAs who request to use VVR or VCP must take responsibility for making the necessary decisions respecting compliance with the Law.  All materials that are submitted to be played in the virtual players must be copyright free or, if copyright protected, must be for fair use or used with permission from the copyright owners. The original copy (tape, DVD or CD) of any material submitted for use with VVR or VCP must be kept in the LLC while the material is being played. Each faculty or TA can reserve as many as two players at a time. The maximum length that each player can be reserved is one semester.

Training and Workshops

One-on-one and on-demand training is only available for faculty from GREAL and ESL, Requests for such training must be made at least one week before desired training dates. Training for TA's or students must be organized by advisors or instructors and can be conducted during class sessions or in the form of workshops. Faculty requesting on-line training are responsible for obtaining their own Skype account.

Viewing Videos

Students may view “on reserve” DVDs on the individual iMacs. Students may view “on reserve” VHS tapes on the individual TV/VCR decks. If two or more students want to view the same DVD/VHS tape, they may use the Video Viewing Area, provided that it has not been reserved for a class at that time.

Equipment Checkout

All equipment checkout must be for the purpose of language teaching or language research. Faculty or TAs who borrow equipment from the LLC are responsible for the safe return of the equipment. Faculty or TAs must come to the LLC in person with a valid ID card to checkout equipment.

Updated: 06/18/2020 03:25PM