Classrooms and Computer Labs

The LLC has a computerized multimedia classroom and a video viewing area which also functions as a small classroom with video conferencing capability. Instructors may conduct class sessions using these classrooms to take advantage of digital/analog audio and video, foreign language television programs, multi language word processing capabilities as well as rich language resources on the Internet. The computerized multimedia classroom is equipped with Apple Remote Desktop so that teachers can remotely assist students or monitor the progress of their work either individually or in groups.

Students may come to the LLC during our regular hours of operation to use the Internet, record and edit digital audio or video, create word documents in a foreign language, or take advantage of the language learning software available in our lab.

Individual TV/video viewing stations are also available for both instructors and students.

To reserve the LLC classrooms or video rooms please email us at,
or call us at 419-372-8146.

Multimedia Services

IMPORTANT : By using our multimedia services you accept and agree to be bound by our copyright protection policy.

The LLC provides the following multimedia services to faculty from the departments of GREAL, ROCS and ESL for the purpose of language teaching or language teaching material development:

  • Audio/video conversion (per copyright)
  • Audio/video digitizing (per copyright)
  • Audio/video recording and editing
  • Audio/video web hosting
  • Text scan and OCR (limited amount, per copyright)
  • Digital imaging and photo/slide scanning
  • VCD or DVD extractions (with copyright permission)

To request multimedia conversion or creation services please email, or call us at 419-372-8146.

Training Courses and Workshops

The LLC provides training for essential skills in producing computer assisted language learning materials or developing technology-based language teaching projects. Depending on the request from a trainee, the training may cover one or more of the following topics:

  • Digital Audio Recording and Editing
  • Digital Video Recording and Editing
  • Digital Imaging
  • Podcasting
  • WebQuest Design and Website Development
  • Digital Animation
  • Intro Level Programming in JavaScript and PHP

While most other trainings focus only on the use of certain tools (software applications), the trainings provided by the LLC emphasize both the use of tools and the design principles, as well as the best practices in using your design for language teaching. Also different from most other trainings, the LLC trainings are conducted ON DEMAND and on a ONE-ON-ONE basis either face to face or through the Internet (using Skype).

The LLC also conducts workshops for students if requested by instructors for the purpose of helping students to complete technology based language learning projects.

To schedule a training session or a workshop, please email us at or call us at 419-372-8146.

Language Testing

The LLC works with faculty or TA's to conduct online language placement tests (WebCape), or online proficiency assessments such as the Computerized Assessment of Proficiency (CAP) and iTEP tests.

Please email us at, or call 419-372-8146, if you would like to use the LLC's language testing services.

Language Tutoring

The LLC provides a limited amount of language tutoring in a variety of languages to students who are currently enrolled in a foreign language or culture program at BGSU. Tutoring is done through video conferencing or on a walk-in basis and is limited to the amount of time the LLC staff have. To register for a tutoring session please email us at or call us at 419-372-8146.

Equipment Checkout

The Language Learning Center has some equipment available for checkout to faculty and TAs. Some equipment is only for use in the LLC while other equipment can be taken out of the LLC for as long as needed. Click here for a list of the available equipment.

Updated: 06/18/2020 03:25PM