Faculty & Staff


Dr. Kara E. Barr

Position: Instructor
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: kebarr@bgsu.edu
Address: 137 Williams Hall

Early Modern Europe; Modern World

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Dr. Michael Brooks

Position: Graduate Coordinator, Lecturer, graduate faculty
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: mebrook@bgsu.edu
Address: 139 Williams Hall

Modern America; Modern World; European Expansion; online learning

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Dr. Amilcar Challu

Position: Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advisor, graduate faculty
Phone: 419-372-2769
Email: achallu@bgsu.edu
Address: 18 Williams Hall

Latin American and world history; Mexican society and political economy, 18th and 19th centuries

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Dr. Douglas J. Forsyth

Position: Associate Professor, graduate faculty
Phone: 419-372-8284
Email: dougfor@bgsu.edu
Address: 21 Williams Hall

Comparative Modern European and Economic History; Modern Italy; Policy History, H-Policy Editor

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Dr. Benjamin Greene

Position: Assistant Professor, graduate faculty
Phone: 419-372-9477
Email: greeneb@bgsu.edu
Address: 142 Williams Hall

20th Century U.S. History, American Foreign Relations, and Military History.

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Dr. Walter E. Grunden

Position: Associate Professor, graduate faculty
Phone: 419-372-8639
Email: wgrund@bgsu.edu
Address: 134 Williams Hall

Modern China and Japan; World War II; Science and Technology; Public Policy; Policy History

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Dr. Ruth Wallis Herndon

Position: Professor, graduate faculty
Phone: 419-372-8445
Email: rwhernd@bgsu.edu
Address: 27 Williams Hall

Colonial/Revolutionary U.S.; Early American women and families; American slavery

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nicole jackson

Dr. Nicole Jackson

Position: Assistant Professor, graduate faculty
Phone: 419-372-7597
Email: nmjacks@bgsu.edu
Address: 20 Williams Hall

African diaspora; African-American History; Modern U.S. History

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Dr. Rebecca Mancuso

Position: Associate Professor, graduate faculty
Phone: 419-372-7424
Email: rmancus@bgsu.edu
Address: 22 Williams Hall

History of Canada

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Dr. Scott C. Martin

Position: Professor and Department Chair, graduate faculty
Phone: 419-372-8767
Email: smartin@bgsu.edu
Address: 136 Williams Hall

Chair; 19th-Century U.S.

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Ian Mladjov

Position: Lecturer
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: imladjo@bgsu.edu
Address: 133 Williams Hall

Pre-Modern World History; Greek, Roman, and Medieval Mediterranean

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Dr. Apollos Okwuchi Nwauwa

Position: Professor and Director of Africana Studies, graduate faculty
Phone: 419-372-9483
Email: nwauwa@bgsu.edu
Address: 138 Williams Hall

Director of Africana Studies; Africa

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Dr. Andrew M. Schocket

Position: Professor, Graduate Faculty, and Director of American Culture Studies
Phone: 419-372-8197
Email: aschock@bgsu.edu
Address: 102 East Hall

Early American history and culture, the American Revolution, and the Atlantic World

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Dr. Lillian Ervine Ashcraft-Eason

Position: Professor Emeritus (Ph.D., The College of William & Mary, 1975)
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: lashcra@bgsu.edu

Afro-American culture, religion, women

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Dr. Lawrence J. Daly

Position: Emeritus Professor
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: ldaly@bgsu.edu
Address: 32 Williams Hall

The Bible; Greece and Rome; Early Christianity and Late Antiquity; Asian

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Dr. Edmund J. Danziger, Jr.

Position: Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus
Phone: 419-372-2196
Email: edanzig@bgsu.edu
Address: 22 Williams Hall

American West; American Indian; Ohio

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Dr. James H. Forse

Position: Professor Emeritus
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: jforse@bgsu.edu

Medieval History; Tudor England; History of English Theater in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; tenth- and eleventh-century Holy Roman Empire; Medieval Church-State Relations

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Dr. Gary R. Hess

Position: Emeritus Distinguished Research Professor
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: ghess@bgsu.edu

American Diplomatic

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Dr. Kenneth Kiple

Position: Emeritus Distinguished University Professor
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: kkiple@bgsu.edu

Latin America; Slavery; Disease and Nutrition

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Dr. Thomas R. Knox

Position: Emeritus Professor
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: tknox@bgsu.edu


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Dr. Don K. Rowney

Position: Professor Emeritus
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: drowney@bgsu.edu

Russia; Soviet Union; Historiography

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Dr. Ronald Seavoy

Position: Emeritus Professor
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: rseavoy@bgsu.edu
Address: 32 Williams Hall

Political economy of economic development; global industrialization; famine

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Dr. David Skaggs

Position: Professor Emeritus (Ph.D., Georgetown University, 1966)
Phone: 231-529-6987
Email: dskaggs@bgsu.edu

Colonial and Revolutionary America; US Military History

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Ms. Tina Thomas

Position: Department Secretary
Phone: 419-372-2030
Email: tamos@bgsu.edu