Certificate in History for Educators and Professionals

Graduate Certificate in History for Educators and Professionals

The graduate certificate in History for Educators and Professionals offers advanced graduate training for individuals employed in professions in which advanced knowledge historical content and methods is a necessity. This certificate is especially useful for individuals who already possess a Master’s degree and who want to meet the minimum requirements of the State of Ohio to teach survey-level college courses. Courses are taught by academic specialists and there is an emphasis on providing instruction on teaching at the college level.

Under the 2014 state law known as the “College Credit Plus Program,” minimum credentials have been established for instruction in College Credit Plus (CCP) courses. high school teachers who wish to be the instructors of record for survey-level college courses need one of the following:

  • A Master’s degree in the content area; OR
  • A Master’s degree in a different area plus 18 credits in the content area

The Department of History has developed an 18-credit certificate to meet the needs of high school teachers who already possess a Master’s degree and who want to be qualified to teach College Credit Plus courses. This portable credential provides evidence that a teacher possesses the minimum academic qualifications to teach CCP courses.

Apply online to the Graduate College or pay application fee here.


Certificate recipients will take 18 credits in graduate level history courses to meet state requirements for teaching College Credit Plus courses. See the "road map" below for completing the certificate requirements.

Prerequisites for Admission

Students who wish to be admitted to the graduate certificate program in College Credit Plus History must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA .  Appropriate prerequisite bachelor’s degrees would be:  History, Political Science, Education, another Social Science, or similar degree.   


  • Be enrolled in a relevant graduate program at BGSU (such as American Culture Studies, Political Science, or other related field), with a current graduate GPA of 3.0 or better.


  • Hold a Master’s degree in a relevant field of study (such as American Culture Studies, Political Science, Education, or other related field) with a 3.0 minimum GPA.
Admissions procedures

The Graduate College requires the following:

  • Students must submit the BGSU Graduate College Online Application for admission.
  • Copies of all college transcripts.

In addition to the application required by the Graduate College, applicants to the certificate program must submit the following via the electronic admissions system:

  • One letter of recommendation from a recent instructor, current employer, or other individual qualified to evaluate the potential for success in the program.
  • A statement of purpose that explains the applicant’s goals for the program and how they would adapt their secondary education courses for dual enrollment (college credit). 

Apply online to the Graduate College or pay application fee here.

Road Map for Completion

Students may enroll in any six 3-credit hour graduate-level (5000-6000) History courses to meet the certificate requirement; at least one of those six courses must contain a significant component of Historiography. The courses offered will alternate between American and World history themes. Students may begin taking courses in any academic semester. Although the number of online courses offered each semester depends upon student demand, the department will offer at least one online seminar each fall and spring semester, and two across the summer semester.

Below is a typical road map for completing the certificate in a little over a year:

  • Summer 1:  Course one
  • Summer 1: Course two
  • Fall 1: Course three
  • Spring 1:  Course four
  • Summer 2:  Course five
  • Summer 2: Course six – certificate requirements completed
Recent Courses Offered

American History

  • HIST 5820: American Revolutionary Era, 1763-1789
  • HIST 5260: The Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIST 5280: America Becomes Modern, 1877-1917
  • HIST 6160: Alcohol and Drugs in US History
  • HIST 6800: Ohio History
  • HIST 6800: Violence and Crime in America, 1619-1933

World History

  • HIST 6800: Imperial Rome
  • HIST 5820: Europe in a Global Context, 1450-1750
  • HIST 6320: The Enlightenment
  • HIST 6320: Epidemics in World History
  • HIST 6320: Key Texts and Topics for Teaching World History
  • HIST: 6800: History of Capitalism

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