Section 9.2


Student advising is an integral part of the function of the College office.  The advisors in the College office are the principal source of academic advice for the "undecided" and the BLS student.  It is important to note that the College advisors are not involved in the advising of students who have already selected a major or program. Verification of graduation for all students, however, is the responsibility of the College advising staff.

Academic unit advisors are selected at the department/school/program level. The manner in which students are assigned by their units to individual faculty advisors is determined according to department/school/program policy.


Each year in the spring semester, the College of Arts and Sciences sponsors an event to recognize students who have been designated as special award recipients.  The college is committed to this tradition of recognizing students who have excelled in their academic work.

Well before the honors and awards banquet is held, each department/school/program is apprised of the honors and awards to be offered, eligibility rules, methods of selection, and deadlines for submitting names of students to be included in the honors and awards program.

It is the responsibility of department chairs/school directors/program directors to ensure that proper attention is given to this important matter so that our outstanding students receive appropriate recognition.  Each department chair/school or program director (or their designate) is urged to attend the awards event and support the continuation of this effort to acknowledge scholarship and achievement.


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