Section 8.1

  • New Chair/Director appointments will be made on a fiscal year basis. In addition to a base salary, each Chair/Director will receive an administrative stipend relative to departmental/school size as listed below:

For departments/schools of 10 or fewer FTE faculty


For departments/schools of 11-20 FTE faculty


For departments/schools of more than 20 FTE faculty


    For the purposes of this policy, the FTE faculty count will consist of full-time faculty plus continuing part-time faculty who are on annually renewable contract and subject to evaluation procedures similar to those for full-time faculty; part-time faculty engaged by the course, graduate assistants, teaching fellows, or other part-time staff are not included. The stipend determined by unit size during the first year of the term shall continue throughout that term, regardless of any change in the unit's size.

    Merit increases will be made as justified on the basis of performance in teaching, research, and administration of the unit. 

  • Fiscal year appointments carry a standard vacation period of 22 days. This does not preclude attendance at meetings of a scholarly nature or other meetings which would enhance the performance of the chair's/director's duties. Regardless, the chair/director is responsible at all times for direct supervision of the unit. (Chairs/Directors on fiscal year contracts who wish to take more than 22 days of vacation may be granted a leave without pay during the summer session; the funds conserved in this way would be used to compensate an acting Chair/Director.) Whenever a Chair/Director plans to be away from the office for professional business or vacation, the Dean is informed of the absence and the name of the faculty serving as Acting Chair/Director.
  • The administrative stipend is intended to compensate the Chair/Director for the extra administrative responsibilities and obligations required by the position. This does not imply that Chairs/Directors may not receive a reduction in teaching load in order to allow for time to carry out those duties adequately and completely. It is expected, however, that every chair/director will devote some part of the working year to the teaching of courses within the department/school.
  • When a Chair/Director leaves that office, whether by resignation, recall, or non reappointment, the next contract issued would reflect the base faculty salary for the academic year plus an increment for merit where appropriate.