Professional Development Badge



The English Department Graduate Professional Development Badge is a formal recognition of a graduate student’s dedication to developing or enhancing their professional skills and strengths. This badge recognizes the time that a graduate student has committed to their professional development while also demonstrating the knowledge the student has gained through attending professional development events.

This badge encourages graduate students in the department to engage with professional development opportunities within and outside of the department. By opening eligibility to other campus sponsored professional development events, English graduate students are able to meet other students from different fields and build interdisciplinary communities as they gain broader knowledge to help them in their professional lives.


Eligibility runs from August 1st through the calendar year until the following August 1st.  

Current eligibility period: August 1st, 2019 – August 1st, 2020

The Professional Development Badge is open to all face-to-face, online, and certificate graduate students in the English Department. Any workshop/event hosted by the English Department Professional Development Workshop Series will be recorded and made available to all online students for viewing through the English Department Professional Development Canvas shell. If you need access to the course shell, please email

A reception will be hosted by the English Department at the beginning of each fall academic year celebrating those who have completed the badge. In addition, a spring reception will be held to celebrate those who intend to complete the badge by August.


  • Must be a member of an English Department graduate program, which includes face-to-face, online, and graduate certificate programs

  • Must attend six professional development events/workshops. Eligible events may include: 

    • English Department professional development events

      • Professional Development Workshop Series

      • UWP Brown Bags

      • MFA Writing Club and RSBS eligible events

    • Any workshop hosted by the Center for Faculty Excellence 

    • Professional Development Day sponsored by the Graduate Student Senate 

    • Presentations at BGSU conferences

    • Other additional workshops advertised by the Graduate College

  • After each event, the graduate student will submit their name, the title of the event they attended, when and where the event was, and a 150-300 word reflection about their experience below to receive credit towards the badge


  • Two-part workshops count as one event

Are you unsure whether an event counts toward the Badge? Please direct questions to

Completing the Badge

Graduate students who complete the above requirements will receive:

  • A certificate acknowledging their completion of the program within a specific academic year
  • A letter of recognition from the English Graduate Coordinator detailing the students' dedication to professional development
  • Recognition on the Department of English website and social media

In addition, it is encouraged that you add your completion of the Badge to your CV/Resumé. It would be appropriate to highlight earning the Badge under a "Professional Development" or "Skills" heading.

Submitting Your Reflection

Upon completion of a professional development event, you must submit a 150- to 300-word reflection on the event and how it contributes to your career. Include the time, date, and name of the professional development event you attended. Send your reflections to

The Center for Faculty Excellence has moved many of their previously planned workshops online, and they are providing many resources for online-based professional development. They will offer workshops on teaching online, online pedagogical strategies, and WebEx support. They also have links to workshops that can be taken at any time. Please visit the website for current and up-to-date information on event times and dates.

Remote Teaching Triage Sessions from ITS. These workshops will help you make the transition to teaching online, and they will provide you with strategies for using technology to better serve both you and your students.