Arts and Sciences Council Members

Arts & Humanities Dr. Neil Baird 2024 Past Chair
Arts & Humanities Dr. Beatrice Gueather 2026 Divisional Rep
Arts & Humanities Dr. Rebecca Kinney
2025 At-Large Rep
Math & Natural Sciences Dr. Angélica Vázquez-Ortega
2024 Divisional Rep
Math & Natural Sciences Dr. Jadwiga Carlson
2026 At-Large Rep
Math & Natural Sciences Dr. Moira van Staaden
2025 Chair
Social Sciences Dr. Vibha Bhalla 2026 Chair-Elect
Social Sciences Dr. Steve Demuth 2025 At-Large Rep
Social Sciences Dr. Lisa Hanasono 2024 Divisional Rep
Rep. Council of Chairs Dr. Amilcar Challu
Qualified Rank Faculty Mr. Joel O'Dorisio
SEC Representative Dr. Montana Miller
Graduate Student Rep.      
Undergraduate Student Rep.      
Ex-officio Dr. Dale Klopfer    
Ex-officio Dr. Ted Rippey    
Ex-officio Mr. Marcus Sherrell    
Ex-officio Dr. Phil Dickinson    

Updated: 07/06/2023 01:37PM