Arts and Sciences Council Members

Arts & Humanities Dr. Lee Nickoson 2021 Chair
Arts & Humanities Ms. Janet Ballweg 2020 Divisional Rep
Arts & Humanities Dr. Angela Nelson
2022 At-Large Rep
Math & Sciences Dr. Carol Heckman
2021 Divisional Rep
Math & Sciences Dr. Marco Nardone 2020 At-Large Rep
Math & Sciences Dr. Shannon Pelini
2022 Chair-Elect
Social Sciences Dr. Vibha Bhalla 2020 Past-Chair
Social Sciences Dr. Monica Longmore 2022 At-Large Rep
Social Sciences Dr. Danielle Kuhl 2021 Divisional Rep
Rep. Council of Chairs Dr. Michael Weber
Non Tenure Track Faculty Dr. Holly Myers 2022  
SEC Representative Dr. Peter Blass
Graduate Student Rep. Elizabeth Brownlow 2020  
Undergraduate Student Rep.      
Ex-officio Dr. Dale Klopfer    
Ex-officio Dr. Ted Rippey    
Ex-officio Mr. Marcus Sherrell    
Ex-officio Dr. Sheila Roberts    
Ex-officio Dr. Phil Dickinson