Swati Arora

swati aroraSwati Arora is a graduate student in BGSU's logistics systems engineering program. She wants to be an expert in supply chain, which she calls “the backbone of industry.” She chose BGSU because the program combined engineering and management, and because the scholarship opportunities helped her education to be accessible.

In her first year at BGSU, she was part of an externally funded study, working with Bridgestone APM to minimize their import costs and improve supply chain performance. During this project she met with company stakeholders to understand their pain areas, and worked with the Bridgestone and BGSU teams to identify strategies to lower the overall import costs to procure their components, as well as ways to improve their supply chain performance.

This project helped Swati develop her coordination skills and recognize the importance of collaboration. She hopes to leverage this experience in future jobs and internships, as she’s interested in solving more problems in the supply chain area.

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Updated: 11/22/2022 01:53PM