Nathaniel Hock

nate hockNathaniel Hock, a senior, became a construction management major because “I like working with my hands and working outside.” He is now the president of the Student Construction Management Association (SCMA), an organization that helps students network with contractors for co-op opportunities, and also organizes a job fair and study groups. Through SCMA, Hock says students learn how to expand their network.

Hock credits his coursework and professors with helping him to find his career path. He said one of the biggest lessons was being confident enough to ask questions. Because of his interactions with his professors, he learned that “you’re not failing because you ask a question. You learn those skills so you can talk to people and ask questions in the field.”

Hock has completed all three of his required co-ops, his last two with a custom homebuilder in Grandville, Ohio. There, he worked on framing and finish carpentry, which gave him tremendous satisfaction. Hock aspires to be a project manager with a company that does custom work so he can use his degree and continue to build.

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Updated: 11/22/2022 01:54PM