Are you looking for a study-abroad experience that gives you the most for your time and money? Bowling Green State University offers several opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to study in Salzburg, Austria.

Our undergraduate Academic Year Abroad (AYA) in Salzburg is the centerpiece of our official partnership with the University of Salzburg.

  • The program has been in existence for over fifty years.
  • Each year there are 15-20 undergraduate students in the program.
  • You can take part for the entire year or one semester.

Our undergraduate study abroad program welcomes students from all accredited colleges and universities. You can participate

  • if you have at least one year of college German or the equivalent by the start of the program,
  • will be at least a sophomore, and are in good academic standing.
  • Students from all majors can participate for the full academic year.

The program offers a full year’s academic credit (at least 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours).

  • Because we provide a number of general education courses, you don’t have to lose any time toward graduation!

We also offer

  • Internships with businesses, schools, or social institutions are also a possibility for graduate and undergraduate students.
  • graduate program and
  • summer program.

Our summer program, which is open to undergraduates and graduate students, includes:

  • three or six week sessions
  • courses in German language and culture at any level — beginner through graduate —and
  • a rich component of cultural programming making this an ideal way to spend the summer abroad while making academic progress.

Updated: 02/13/2023 11:15AM