Section Ten

University Policies

Section 10.1 Policies Related to  the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and The Americans with Disabilities Act
Section 10.2 Inventory
  Unemployment Compensation Claim Processing
Section 10.3 Key Issuance & Return Policy
Section 10.4 Decoration Safety Guidelines
Section 10.5 BG Hazardous Material Policy
Section 10.6 Drug-Free Workplace Policy
  Sexual Harassment Policy
  Campus Security Act Report
  Family Medical Leave Act
Section 10.7 Policy on the Release of Public Documents at BGSU
Section 10.8 Use of Motion Pictures for Instructional Purposes
Section 10.9 Copyright Fair Use and Section 107
Section 10.10 Public Employment Risk Reduction Law
Section 10.11 Accident Reporting & Investigation Reports
Section 10.12 Duties & Procedures for Bomb Threats
  Emergency Response Handbook
Section 10.13 Photo ID Cards
  Visiting Scholars Library Card
Section 10.14 Personal Protective Equipment Program
Section 10.15 Respiratory Protection Program
Section 10.16 Field Trips
Section 10.17 Policy on Use of Reservable University Space and Facilities
Section 10.18 Policy on Solicitation of Support for Special Activities

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