From BGSU to the Big Apple: Tempel Lands at Top NYC Public Relations Firm


For Hannah Tempel ’16, being fresh out of Bowling Green State University and landing a dream job in New York City has been nothing short of an adventure. Tempel currently works at Ogilvy Public Relations (OPR) as a senior account executive and employee engagement manager.

As part of her job, she focuses on public relations tasks while working one-on-one with the managing director of content and media strategy and the managing director of the NYC office to enhance the OPR culture.  

“I really feel like I get the best of both worlds because I am able to be with clients part of the day, then change gears and concentrate on OPR employees and the work environment,” Tempel said.

Tempel specializes in executive branding, assisting her boss, who heads the projects. She said one of her favorite experiences was working with a high-profile client on executive branding and renting out a penthouse studio to conduct the interviews.

Much to her surprise, Tempel said she values the employee engagement role. She likes having the creative freedom to think outside the box and generate ideas. Some of her job responsibilities include helping plan the monthly staff meetings and involving employees in activities planned to boost morale.

“I quickly learned within employee engagement that the little things end up being the big things,” she said. “For example, I decorate this huge chalkboard in the lobby every month with birthdays, anniversaries, puzzles, riddles and drawing activities. Countless people in the office have told me how much they enjoy the chalkboard and take time from a stressful day to complete something on the life-sized chalkboard.”

Tempel also credits her public relations education for helping her to obtain the OPR position. “Many of the classes included hands-on activities such as working with a non-profit client on a service learning project and in an agency setting developing a campaign about the heroin epidemic for the Wood County Acohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board,” she said. “These real-world experiences plus my internships and involvement in PRSSA armed me with a thick portfolio to take on interviews.”

In addition to starting a career with one of the leading PR agencies in the world, Tempel says that living in Manhattan is a huge perk. From taking walks in Central Park after work to trying new restaurants, Tempel says she keeps quite busy and is adjusting well to city life even though she grew up in Antwerp, Ohio with 1,700 people.

“My parents implanted in my mind ‘don’t forget where you come from’ which is great advice to keep perspective. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support from my friends, family, classmates and professors,” Tempel said.