Section 7.1

College Guidelines for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Review

The tenure and promotion process is governed by Article 14 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and by each unit’s approved Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion document. Links to those documents are below.

Candidates prepare an electronic reappointment, tenure and/or promotion dossier by uploading the requisite documents via the electronic system currently in use by the University. The Arts and Sciences Policy on Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Review Dossier Preparation and Contents is linked below. Further guidelines are contained in the annually updated Arts and Sciences Faculty Review Handbook, which is reviewed at annual workshops for prospective candidates and their chairs or directors and linked below in its current version.

At the College level, applications for reappointment, tenure and/or promotion are evaluated first by the Promotion and Tenure Review Committee (PTRC), then by the Dean. The Dean reviews all materials, including the recommendations of eligible bargaining unit faculty, the Chair or Director, and the PTRC, before making an independent recommendation. A report from the PTRC and a letter from the Dean are posted to the candidate’s electronic dossier, and the application is then made available for the Provost’s review.

Current Policy and Guidelines Documents:


Pre-CBA Unit RTP Documents

Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion Policies approved in 2006 are linked below. Once a unit has its new policy approved, that policy applies to all faculty members subsequently hired in the unit. Faculty members hired under the 2006 policies may opt to be considered for reappointment, tenure and promotion under the 2006 policy criteria or under the new policy criteria.

Computer Science
Environment and Sustainability
Ethnic Studies
German, Russian, & East Asian Languages
Mathematics & Statistics
Physics & Astronomy
Political Science
Popular Culture
Romance & Classical Languages
Media Production and Studies
Theatre & Film

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