Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) and Signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU)

Collective Bargaining Agreement #2: July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2019
    Signed CBA
    Article 38: Winter Session
    Signed MOUs
        Regarding Academic Unit Completion of "Unacceptable" Rating in Merit Document (12/16/2016)
        Regarding Application of Parental Leave (4/13/2017)
        Regarding Nontenure Track Faculty Serving as Faculty Administrators (8/10/2017)
        Regarding a General Set of Criteria for 'Unacceptable' Performance [9/12/2017)
        Regarding Online Student Course Evaluations (5/21/2018)
        Regarding Revisions to the Schedule for Merit Reviews and Annual Performance Reviews for Non-Tenure Track         Faculty in Years 4-6 (1/20/2019)

    Joint Communications CBA #2 Implementation
        General Introduction to New CBA (6/24/2016)
        Expectations for Course Syllabi (7/8/2016)
        Faculty Reviews for NTTF with 7 or More Years of Service (7/13/2016)
        Canvas Presence for All Courses (7/18/2016)
        Leave Reporting (7/26/2016)
        Syllabi Sharing (8/1/2016)
        Common Review Process: Step 1. Defining “Unacceptable” Performance (8/8/2016)
        Parental Leave (8/11/2016)
        Election of RTP policy for Faculty Review Decisions (8/16/2016)
        “Substantial Support” and Ownership of Distance Learning Instructional Materials (8/18/2016)
        Paid personal leave (10/4/2016)
        Incentives and Support for Externally Funded Research (10/20/2016)
        Annual Common Review Process and Impact on Merit (11/29/2016)
        Final Deadline to Define "Unacceptable" Performance (1/17/2017)
        Merit Review Process (4/6/2017)
        MOU Regarding a General Set of Criteria for ‘Unacceptable’ Performance (9/12/2017)
        Approved General Set of Criteria for ‘Unacceptable’ Performance (9/20/2017)
        Ratification of CBA Article 38 - Winter Session (11/20/2017)
        Guidelines for Assigning Winter Session Courses and Associated Deadlines (1/17/2018)

    Other Communications CBA #2 Implementation
        Summer Compensation: Minimum Enrollment and Proration (5/16/2016)
        August Leave Reporting for Faculty on 9-Month Contracts (8/22/2016)
        Labor-Management Committee – RTP and Merit Policies Communication (9/7/2016)
        Faculty Leave-Reporting Reminder and VPN Set-Up Information (9/22/2016)
        Committees Established by Collective Bargaining Agreement #2 (10/31/2016)
        Labor-Management Committee announcement on completion and distribution of new RTP and Merit Policy         documents (11/01/2016)
        Merit Practices for New Faculty (08/11/2017)
        University-Wide Process for Soliciting External Letters of Review for Promotion and Tenure (9/6/2017)
        Changes to Part I: Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Policy (5/22/2018)