Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) and Signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU)

Collective Bargaining Agreement #2: July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2019

Signed CBA

Article 38: Winter Session
    Guidelines for Assigning Winter Session Courses
    Deadlines for BUFM and Deans for Winter Assignment as Inload Teaching

Signed MOUs
    Regarding Academic Unit Completion of "Unacceptable" Rating in Merit Document (12/16/16)
    Regarding Application of Parental Leave (4/13/17)
    Regarding Nontenure Track Faculty Serving as Faculty Administrators (8/10/17)
    Regarding a General Set of Criteria for 'Unacceptable' Performance [9/12/2017]
    Regarding Online Student Course Evaluations (5/21/2018)

Joint Communications CBA #2 Implementation

General Introduction to New CBA (6/24/16)
Expectations for Course Syllabi (7/8/16)
Faculty Reviews for NTTF with 7 or More Years of Service (7/13/16)
Canvas Presence for All Courses (7/18/16)
Leave Reporting (7/26/16)
Syllabi Sharing (8/1/16)
Common Review Process: Step 1. Defining “Unacceptable” Performance (8/8/16)
Parental Leave (Aug. 11, 2016)
Election of RTP policy for Faculty Review Decisions (8/16/2016)
“Substantial Support” and Ownership of Distance Learning Instructional Materials (8/18/2016)
Paid personal leave (10/4/2016)
Incentives and Support for Externally Funded Research (10/20/2106)
Annual Common Review Process and Impact on Merit (11/29/2016)
Final Deadline to Define "Unacceptable" Performance (1/17/2017)
Merit Review Process
(April 6, 2017)
MOU Regarding a General Set of Criteria for ‘Unacceptable’ Performance (9/12/2017)
Approved General Set of Criteria for ‘Unacceptable’ Performance (9/20/2017)
Ratification of CBA Article 38 - Winter Session (11/20/2017)
Guidelines for Assigning Winter Session Courses and Associated Deadlines (1/17/2018)

Other Communications CBA #2 Implementation

Summer Compensation: Minimum Enrollment and Proration (5/16/2016)
August Leave Reporting for Faculty on 9-Month Contracts (8/22/2016)
Labor-Management Committee – RTP and Merit Policies Communication (9/7/16)
Faculty Leave-Reporting Reminder and VPN Set-Up Information (9/22/16)
Committees Established by Collective Bargaining Agreement #2 (10/31/16)
Labor-Management Committee announcement on completion and distribution of new RTP and Merit Policy documents  11/01/2016
Merit Practices for New Faculty (08/11/17)
University-Wide Process for Soliciting External Letters of Review for Promotion and Tenure (9/6/2017)
Changes to Part I: Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Policy (May 22, 2018)