Arts and Sciences Staff Council Members


Council Members

Arts and Humanities Clayton Peterson 2024 Administrative Staff Rep.
Arts and Humanities Daniel Mangan 2025 Classified Staff Rep.
Math and Natural Sciences
Lisa Weihl 2025 Administrative Staff Rep.
Math and Natural Sciences Amber Snyder
2024 Classified Staff Rep.
Social Sciences Chad Fletcher
2024 Administrative Staff Rep.
Social Sciences Tammy Frank 2025 Classified Staff Rep.
Dean's Office Dr. Rachel Punches 2025 Administrative Staff Rep.
Dean's Office Deb Lowery 2024 Classified Staff Rep.
At-Large Megan Fedio 2024 At-Large Rep.
Liason Vacant
  Administrative Staff Council Rep.
Liason Danielle Burkin   Classified Staff Council Rep.
Ex-Officio Bethanie Davis   Dean's Assignee

Updated: 10/19/2023 09:13AM