Faculty Areas of Expertise

Pascal Bizarro - XBRL/XML, System Auditors Performance, Web-driven Databases, Data Modeling and Query Language, Blockchain Technology

Brian Rohrs - Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting

Sharath Sasidharan - Knowledge acquisition through social networks, Change management for enterprise technology implementation, Enterprise system assimilation, User interface design

Ibrahim Capar - Vehicle Routing, Patrol Routing, Online Optimization, Facility Location

Herb McGrath - Analysis of unreplicated designed experiments, Dispersion effects, Statistical process control, Generalized linear models for joint estimation of location and dispersion effects

Kyle Moninger - Applied Statistics, Operations Research, Business Analytics

Christopher Rump - Queueing Analysis, Facility Location, Districting, Dispatching & Routing, Production Scheduling, Data Clustering

Shuchismita (Shuchi) Sarkar - Computational statistics, Machine learning, Finite mixture modeling, Cluster analysis

Arthur Yeh - Statistical process control and process monitoring, Engineering quality and process
control, Manufacturing process modeling and analysis, Multivariate data modeling and analysis, Time-series modeling and analysis

Amanda Cook - Hospital Reimbursement, Health Insurance, Health and Public Policy, Access to and Equity in Healthcare, Econometric Modeling

Nancy Kubasek - Consumer Protection, Environmental Law, Comparative Law

Zheng Zeng - Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models, Credit frictions and Business cycle
fluctuations, Monetary policy making, Risk shocks and bank behaviors, Time-series modeling and analysis

Sung Bae - Corporate diversification, Exchange risk management, Foreign currency debt financing, Corporate social responsibility

Mingsheng Li - Analyst Following, Market Efficiency, Mutual Funds, IPOs, ETF Trading

Janet Hartley - Information technology in the supply chain including blockchain, Supply chain risk management, Supplier innovation, Supply chain sustainability, Supply category management

Deborah O'Neil - Gender and diversity in organizations, Women in Leadership, Career development, Leadership development, Inclusive organizations, Scholar-Practitioners

Sherry Sullivan - Career patterns in a boundaryless workplace, Mentoring of expatriate managers, Motivation of nonstandard employees

Erik Chiarelott - Information technology and communication, Immigration issues and labor relations, Consumer behavior

David Dewey - Product Management and Development, Branding, New Business Acquisitions and start ups, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Medial Office Development, Graduate Medical education

Dwayne Gremler - Customer-employee interactions in service delivery, Employee emotional competence, Service guarantees, Servicescapes, Word-of-mouth communication, Customer loyalty in service businesses

Donna Greenwald - Innovative teaching, Experiential learning

Ryan Holley - Business Communication, Applied Business, Small Business, Family Business, Personal Branding & Development, Multifamily Housing, Community Engagement & Development

Mearl Sutton - Strategic sales coaching, Sales process development, Sales training, Business strategy

Fei Weisstein - Consumers’ price perception, Sales promotion strategy, Digital marketing strategy, Online product reviews, Online consumer behavior

Ruth White - Management, Marketing, Accounting, Taxes

Mo Zolfagharian - Consumer behavior, Services marketing, Marketplace cultures and subcultures, Technology


Updated: 05/11/2022 03:00PM