Faculty Areas of Expertise

Pascal Bizarro - XBRL/XML, System Auditors Performance, Web-driven Databases, Data Modeling and Query Language, Blockchain Technology

Andy Garcia - Auditing, Information systems, International business

Lauren Matkaluk - Auditing, Financial Reporting Standards, Audit Partners, Regulation

Brian Rohrs - Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting

Sharath Sasidharan - Knowledge acquisition through social networks, Change management for enterprise technology implementation, Enterprise system assimilation, User interface design

Paul Schauer - Empirical and applied research in tax and retirement planning, Empirical research on audit quality, audit fees, and the effects of competition on the audit industry, Applied research on information security

Kenneth Snead - Behavioral Issues with Management Accounting, Behavioral Issues with Information System Implementation, Capacity Cost Managment, Cost Variance Analysis, Student vs Recruiter Perfomance Expectations, Pedagogical Advances in Accounting

Angela Zhou - Whistleblowing, Financial Reporting, Tax Avoidance

Ibrahim Capar - Vehicle Routing, Patrol Routing, Online Optimization, Facility Location

Kyle Moninger - Applied Statistics, Operations Research, Business Analytics

Christopher Rump - Queueing Analysis, Facility Location, Districting, Dispatching & Routing, Production Scheduling, Data Clustering

Shuchismita (Shuchi) Sarkar - Computational statistics, Machine learning, Finite mixture modeling, Cluster analysis

Arthur Yeh - Statistical process control and process monitoring, Engineering quality and process
control, Manufacturing process modeling and analysis, Multivariate data modeling and analysis, Time-series modeling and analysis

Amanda Cook - Hospital Reimbursement, Health Insurance, Health and Public Policy, Access to and Equity in Healthcare, Econometric Modeling

Kevin Quinn - Economic Philosophy and Methodology, Economics and Ethics, Macroeconomic Theory, Monetary Theory, History of Macroeconomic Thought

Peter VanderHart - Macroeconomic Models with Heterogenous Agents, The Approximate Nash Equilibrium in Heads-Up Tournament Poker, Economic Viability of Wind Turbine Projects, Construction of an Index of Economic Activity from UCC Records, Earnings Announcements and Stock Price Movements, Public economics

Isabel Zeng - Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models, Credit frictions and Business cycle
fluctuations, Monetary policy making, Risk shocks and bank behaviors, Time-series modeling and analysis

Sung Bae - Corporate diversification, Exchange risk management, Foreign currency debt financing, Corporate social responsibility

Mingsheng Li - Analyst Following, Market Efficiency, Mutual Funds, IPOs, ETF Trading

Liuling Liu - Financial Institutions, Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Financial Technology, Bank Regulation and Supervision, Deposit Insurance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Stephen Rush - Information Asymmetry in Capital Markets, Empirical Asset Pricing, Market Microstructure, Computational Finance, Valuation

Maggie Brooks - judgment and decision making at work, employee selection, corporate reputation, bias and discrimination at work, work experiences of marginalized populations, communicating validity information to nonscientists, survey development

Steven Cady - Large Scale Change Initiatives, Organizational Analysis and Program Evalaution, Collaborative Change, Leadership Development

Amelia Carr - trategic sourcing, buyer supplier relationships, the role of information technology in supply chain relationships, supply chain integration and closed-loop supply chains

Truit Gray - Workplace social status, Emotions, Teams, Leadership, Measurement, Survey design

Janet Hartley - Information technology in the supply chain including blockchain, Supply chain risk management, Supplier innovation, Supply chain sustainability, Supply category management

Deborah O'Neil - Gender and diversity in organizations, Women in Leadership, Career development, Leadership development, Inclusive organizations, Scholar-Practitioners

Haeseen Park - Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Human Resource Management

William Sawaya - decision making in complex environments such as supply networks and other multi-stakeholder and multi-objective systems, the use of technology in supply chain systems, the use of quality tools in improvement efforts, sustainable operations, and developing robust systems

Fei (Sophie) Song - Sustainable supply chain management, Buyer-supplier relationships, Omni-channel supply chain management

Sherry Sullivan - Career patterns in a boundaryless workplace, Mentoring of expatriate managers, Motivation of nonstandard employees

Man Zhang - Institutional Theory, Resource Based View, International Entreprenurial, Organizational Capability, Small and Medicum Sized Enterprises in Emerging Markets, Information Technology Capabililty

Erik Chiarelott - Information technology and communication, Immigration issues and labor relations, Consumer behavior

David Dewey - Product Management and Development, Branding, New Business Acquisitions and start ups, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Medial Office Development, Graduate Medical education

Dwayne Gremler - Customer-employee interactions in service delivery, Employee emotional competence, Service guarantees, Servicescapes, Word-of-mouth communication, Customer loyalty in service businesses

Ryan Holley - Business Communication, Applied Business, Small Business, Family Business, Personal Branding & Development, Multifamily Housing, Community Engagement & Development

Steven Koppitsch - Sales and Sales Management, Consumer Attitudes and Experiences, Marketing and Business Education, Services Marketing

Jeff Meyer - Services marketing, Pricing, Technology, Food sustainability

Gregory A. Rich - Research focuses on how leadership theory impacts the management of salespeople, Co-author of textbooks on both sales management and professional selling, Co-developer of the management simulation game Cantopia, Teaches undergrad courses in sales management, advanced sales, marketing principles; and graduate level/MBA course in marketing strategy, Sales coach for students competing in National Collegiate Sales Competition and other similar events

Mearl Sutton - Strategic sales coaching, Sales process development, Sales training, Business strategy

Fei Weisstein - Consumers’ price perception, Sales promotion strategy, Digital marketing strategy, Online product reviews, Online consumer behavior

Ruth White - Management, Marketing, Accounting, Taxes

Mo Zolfagharian - Consumer behavior, Services marketing, Marketplace cultures and subcultures, Technology


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