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Programs exclusive to the Schmidthorst College of Business:

Audencia Nantes School of Management – Nantes, France – the Ecole de Management in Nantes is one of Europe’s leading business schools. It is situated in Brittany, a culturally distinct region of France. Partner with BGSU nearly 40 years.

Artevelde University College, Ghent – Ghent, Belgium – Ghent is a beautiful, historically and culturally important city in Belgium, a small nation in Europe that plays a major role in the Western European Economy. Artevelde is highly accredited and provides promising education opportunities and business connections for BGSU students participating in this exchange.

Norwegian Business School – Oslo, Norway – The exchange with BI marks the first agreement BGSU has had with a school in Scandinavia, and in that role there’s no better option than BI. With triple accreditation, it is a very well renowned institution in the beautiful, bustling Norwegian capital.

Hong Kong Baptist University – Hong Kong – Study business and media communications in one of the world’s prominent economic centers. HKBU has been a fully-accredited institution since 1983 and enrolls over 10,000 students. Courses are conducted in English.

Incheon National University
– Yeonsu-gu, Korea – INU has focused on developing its international programs in order to become a leading university in Asia, with an emphasis on quality of education and facilitating world-class research.

Universidad Carlos III – Madrid, Spain – Carlos III is a world-class university in Madrid, Spain, that offers over 50% of their undergraduate courses in English. An internationally-minded campus, over 18% of their student population is international.

University of Macau – Taipa, Macau – Macau is a major Asian economic center, with the highest per-capita GDP in the world. The University of Macau recently moved to a new campus, and their main language of instruction is English.

University of Strasbourg- École de Management Strasbourg – Strasbourg, France – The University of Strasbourg, which houses the École de Management, is the second-largest university in France, founded in 1538. Strasbourg is a major city in the European Union, one of two cities that houses the European Parliament.

University of the West of England – Bristol Business School – Bristol, England - The University of the West of England, one of the UK's leading new university business schools. Recognized as a Centre for Excellence by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), and a learning quality partner for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore  - Milan, Italy - This Milan, Italy campus is located on hallowed turf. Developed around the original site of a monastery, this campus is in the very heart of the city. Home to over 27,000 students, the Doric and Ionic cloisters provide a haven of peace and grace within a city which offers an abundance of food, history, heritage and choice. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, affectionately known as Cattolica, is a comprehensive university covering an impressive range of programs including Economics & Business, Accounting & Finance.

Rennes School of Business – Rennes, France -  Located in Rennes, France, this is one of the most international Business Schools in Europe, with 85% of the Faculty being non-French nationals. Programs taught in English by an international full-time faculty, students coming from all over the world, program development with partner institutions, strong links with local and international companies, international research cooperation, make the Rennes School of Business unique in France and abroad.

Programs with Business courses in English open to Business and non-Business majors:

American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) – Ras al Khaimah, UAE – AURAK is a small institution in the United Arab Emirates, an oil-rich nation on the Persian Gulf. All courses offered at UAE are in English, and students may take courses related to business and management, communications, English literature, biotechnology and a number of disciplines in engineering.

Deakin University – Melbourne, Australia – Situated in the large Australian city of Melbourne, and with two seaside campuses in the state, Deakin offers a variety of educational atmospheres as well as a wide array of courses. The school is well known for its programs in sports and fitness, which makes this exchange a unique opportunity for students in that major at BGSU.

Keele University – Staffordshire, the United Kingdom – Keele is a public research university that boasts one of the largest campuses of any in the UK. It is known for its politically engaged student body and robust contributions to research. BGSU students may study Art, Art History, Business, Education, English, History, International Relations, Music, Psychology, Theater and Film, and more.

University of Hohenheim – Stuttgart, Germany - University of Hohenheim is the oldest university in Stuttgart and one of the top business schools in Germany. Study Business Administration and Economics while learning more about German culture, participating in internships, or simply exploring one of the largest cities in Germany!”

VU Amsterdam Amsterdam, Netherlands. – VU is a large, publically funded research university in Amsterdam that places a focus on social, cultural and philosophical perspectives. BGSU students may choose from 300+ courses in English in arts, earth & life sciences, business & economics, philosophy, psychology & education, social sciences


Spend your entire junior year studying in Strasbourg to earn a dual degree, a B.S.B.A. from Bowling Green State University and a B.A. in European Management from the Ecole de Management in Strasbourg, France. The Ecole de Management Strasbourg is a renowned European educational institution.  

This international dual degree program is one of few dual degree programs in business available in the U.S. In fact, it is the only one in Ohio!

  • "It is empowering to be able to fulfill a dream that I've always wanted to try but never had the chance. On this journey, I have made lifelong friends from every continent apart from Antarctica. Also, I have traveled throughout Norway and to multiple other countries, experiencing monumental moments such as seeing the northern lights and watching the World Cup Final match in France while they were playing! I strongly recommend this experience. Studying abroad only lasts 5 months, but it has left an impact on me that will last forever."
    - Christina DeRusso - Norwegian Business School Fall '22
  • "Studying abroad was my college dream. It was postponed three times before finally boarding the plane. For the following semester, that feeling of disbelief and wonder never left my side. In between my international business courses, I planned 12 trips and visited 10 countries. Each offered incredible natural landmarks, historic architecture, unique foods and customs, and remarkable people. Not to mention the other international students - meeting people from different corners of the world and learning their stories reshaped my own perspective on life. BGSU made it all possible with generous support along the way. Even now, I still find myself reeling from these adventures. My only regret was not staying longer."
    - Matt DeAmon, University of Strasbourg, Fall '22
  • "To say that I was nervous before leaving for France is an understatement. I was moving to a new country that spoke a different language absolutely alone. 15 countries and many lifelong friendships later, I can now look back and say that it was the best decision I have ever made. This experience taught me many valuable lessons, but the most important lesson I learned is that the best things in life happen when you break out of your comfort zone. I know it's easier said than done, but when you move to another country by yourself, you are forced to make connections and create new experiences. These will teach you so much about yourself and you will cherish them for the rest of your life."
    - Rowen Newlon, EM Strasbourg Business School: France 2021-2022
  • "I'm very grateful to BGSU for my education abroad experience! I loved the school and people there. I made new friends, I learned another language, I explored another culture, and it also gave me the opportunity to travel around Europe. I developed new skills, and it also changed me personally. Overall, everyone should study abroad at least once! It's unforgettable living in another country!" – Daria Vorontsova, Rennes School of Business, Rennes, Brittany, France, Fall '21
  • "My education abroad experience was truly the best thing I could do for myself. I had never been out of the states before and yet I went all the way to France alone. I got to see the world from a new perspective and see how different other parts of the world are from the way their classes are taught to the way they shop for groceries. While I was there, I did multiple group and solo trips to 12 countries seeing all the major landmarks I had only seen in movies before. I came back from this trip feeling more confident and motivated to pursue new things. I knew if I could travel to a foreign country not speaking the language, and still have a fantastic time, I could do anything."
    - Lindsey Schneeg, University of Strasbourg
  • "In a global economy, it is becoming more and more valuable to gain international knowledge and experience."
    –Zahid Afzal, chief information officer of Huntington National Bank
  • "At Cooper Tire, we have found that those individuals whom have taken an international assignment return with much improved skills and a much deeper understanding of global business. We have also found that living abroad is imperative to gaining those cultural and global skills…no amount of reading or week-long foreign business trips can replace the actual experience of living abroad."
    –Thomas Lause, Vice president finance of Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

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