Center for Business Analytics

The Center for Business Analytics provides many services to external companies and organizations as well as within the BGSU community. The highly-qualified faculty and students associated with the Center are available to help area companies with short and long term projects. In this consulting role, the Center provides companies with ideas, methodologies, innovations, solutions, and practical implementations to produce tangible results through analytics. We stand ready to help improve business processes through a variety of quantitative approaches.

The Center will continue to assist BGSU faculty, staff and students statistical analysis of data related to their research.

Each year the Center hosts a symposium that features a keynote who discusses how "big data" can be used in helping businesses make better decisions.

Consulting Services Available

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350 Business Administration Building

By appointment, at least 24 hours in advance.
The CBA is not a full-time operation.  Appointment times vary from semester to semester since they depend upon the class schedules of the graduate assistants.

For more information contact:


Jane Chang
365 Business Admin. Bldg.