Arthur Yeh


Position: Associate Dean
Phone: 419-372-8386
Address: 356E Maurer Center

Faculty Spotlight

Solving real problems using statistical methodologies is Dr. Yeh’s research interest. Within statistics, his primary expertise lies in industrial statistics, particularly statistical quality control for manufacturing and non-manufacturing applications.  He says he became a professor because of his passion for statistics. “I am also passionate about educating and interacting with students at all levels, as well as interacting with colleagues from different disciplines.”

Dr. Yeh is working on a unique project that involves the development and application of statistical quality control methodologies to health-care and health surveillance related problems. He recently co-authored a paper with two researchers from the University of Michigan that looks at what and how statistical control charts can be used to monitor the overall quality of cardiovascular surgeries performed on approximately 7,000 patients by a cardiovascular center in England.

His experience includes real-world business problems. For example, one project involved a local manufacturer of metal sheets and metal-related products. A serious problem the company faced was metal sheet defects which were costly. He led a team of two graduate students, and with data provided by the manufacturer, they were able to identify possible root causes and model the relationship between several critical input variables, such as temperature and pressure of the furnace, and the output variable. This led to a significant reduction in the rework rate, thus saving the company a lot of money.

In terms of professional achievements, Dr. Yeh is most proud of his awards:

  • the 1999 MBA Most Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award and the 2002 CBA Outstanding Scholar Award (for teaching and research).
  • the 2007 Toulouse Award from the Toledo Section of the American Society for Quality


  • Ph.D. in Statistics, Rutgers University, (New Brunswick, New Jersey), May 1993.
  • M.S. in Statistics, Rutgers University, (New Brunswick, New Jersey), May 1989.
  • B.S. in Mathematics, National Tsing-Hua University, (Taiwan), June 1985.


  • Professor, Department of Applied Statistics and Operations Research, Bowling Green State University, (Bowling Green, Ohio), August 1993 - present.
  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Statistics, Rutgers University , (New Brunswick, New Jersey), September 1989 - May 1993.
  • Lecturer, Department of Statistics, Rutgers University , (New Brunswick, New Jersey), Summer 1991.
  • Lecturer, Department of Statistics, Rutgers University , (New Brunswick, New Jersey), Summer 1990.


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