Peter G. VanderHart, Ph.D.


Peter G. VanderHart, Ph.D.

Position: Chair/Professor
Phone: (419) 372-8070
Address: 3002A Business Administration


Currently, Dr. VanderHart is working on research that investigates the economic viability of wind turbines, along with estimating preferences of the Federal Reserve, and decision making under uncertainty in a dynamic game-theoretic context. His primary area of expertise is public economics.

He is most proud of being a finalist for the Master Teacher award presented at BGSU and publishing in the prestigious Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. The economics professor says he became a college teacher because he is “pretty good at explaining things.” He recommends that all business students read the book “Paradox of Choice” because of the potential to provide a healthier attitude towards spending and the role of business in people’s lives.