Faculty Research

Accounting and Information Systems:

Research Interests

  • System Auditors Performance
  • Web-driven Databases
  • Data Modeling and Query Language
  • Blockchain Technology

Consulting Projects

  • AIS Textbook Accuracy Checking
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Projects

Bizarro, P., Crum, E., and J. Nix (2019). The Intelligent Audit. ISACA Journal forthcoming.

Bizarro, P., and D. H. Cho (2019). Anti–money Laundering in Banking and Capital Markets. Internal Auditing 34(2):22-28.

Bizarro, P., Garcia, A., and Z. Moore (2019). Blockchain: Explained and Implications for Accountancy. ISACA Journal (1).

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Bizarro, P., Mankowski, H. and R. Mankowski (2018). Blockchain Technology: Benefits, Risks, and the Future. Internal Auditing 33(4), 12-16..

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"Big Data, Digital Demand, and Decision-Making" 2018.  International Journal of Accounting and Information Management.

"The Need for ‘Skeptical’ Accountants in the Era of Big Data," 2017. Journal of Accounting Education, with Ken Snead.

"Informing Students about Information:  Seven Semantic Exercises."  2016.  Communications of the AIS, with Charles Yoos.

"Crisis IT Design Implications For High Risk Systems."  2011. Behaviour and Information Technology.

Research Interests

  • Knowledge acquisition through social networks
  • Change management for  enterprise technology implementation
  • Enterprise system assimilation
  • User interface design

Sasidharan, S., Santhanam, R. & Brass, D. (2017). Assimilation of enterprise information systems: Knowledge support from people and systems. International Journal of Technology Diffusion, 8(1), 8-32.

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Yi, M., Santhanam, R., Sasidharan, S., & S. Park. (2013). Toward an integrative understanding of information technology training research across Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction: A comprehensive review. AIS Transactions on Human Computer Interaction, 5(3), 134-156.

Schauer, P. C. 2016 Audit Practices for Automobile Dealerships. International Research Journal of Accounting and Finance. December.  Also available on-line.

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Applied Statistics and Operation Research

RM Harter, JP McMichael, DS Brown, A Amaya, TD Buskirk, D. Malarek (2017) “Telephone Appends for Address-based Samples - An Introduction” Under review for RTI Press.

English, N. Kennel, T., Buskirk, T.D., Harter, R. (2017) “Framing It: Construction, Maintenance and Enhancements for Address-Based Sampling Frames" Under Review for The Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology.

Michael P. Battaglia, Don A. Dillman, Martin R. Frankel, Rachel Harter, Trent D. Buskirk, Cameron B. McPhee, Jill M. DeMatteis, Tracey Yancey; Sampling, Data Collection, and Weighting Procedures for Address-Based Sample Surveys. J Surv Stat Methodol 2016; 4 (4): 476-500. doi: 10.1093/jssam/smw025

Dutwin, D. and Buskirk, T.D. (2016) "Apples to Oranges or Gala versus Golden Delicious? Comparing Data Quality of Non-Probability Internet Samples to Low Response Rate Probability Samples," in press for Public Opinion Quarterly, 81 (S1): 213-239.

Buskirk, T.D., Saunders, T. and Michaud, J. (2015) "Are Sliders Too Slick for Surveys: An Experiment comparing slider scales for survey data collection using Computers, Tablets and Smartphones," Methods and Data Analysis, Vol. 9(2), pp. 229-260. Available at: http://www.gesis.org/fileadmin/upload/forschung/publikationen/zeitschriften/mda/Vol.9_Heft_2/MDA_Vol9_2015-2_Buskirk.pdf

Research Interests

  • Vehicle Routing
  • Patrol Routing
  • Online Optimization
  • Facility Location

Consulting Projects

  • Outbound Logistics
  • Job Shop Scheduling
  • Patrol Routing

Freeman, N. K., B. B. Keskin, I. C apar. “Attractive Orienteering Problem with Proximity and Timing Interactions," European Journal of Operational Research, 266, 354-370, 2018.

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Keskin, B. B., I. Capar, C. R. Sox, and N. K. Freeman. “An Integrated Load-Planning Algorithm for Outbound Logistics at Webb Wheel," 2013 Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research Practice Finalist, Interfaces, 44(5), 480-497, 2014.

Research Interests

  • Analysis of unreplicated designed experiments
  • Dispersion effects
  • Statistical process control
  • Generalized linear models for joint estimation of location and dispersion effects

Consulting Projects

  • Expert statistical witness
  • Consulting statistician for Association for the Prevention of Atherothrombic Disease

Yeh, A. B., Huwang, L, McGrath, R. N., and Zhang, Z. (2010) “On Monitoring Process Variance with Individual Observations”, Quality and Reliability Engineering International.

McGrath, R. N. and Chen, Q. (2008) “Sample Size Determination for a Relative Quality Improvement,” Quality Engineering, 20, 309-320. 

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McGrath, R. N. and Yeh, A. B.  (2005) “A Quick, Compact, Two-Sample Dispersion Test: Count Five”, The American Statistician, 59, 47-53.

Research Interests

  • Queueing Analysis
  • Facility Location
  • Districting
  • Dispatching & Routing
  • Production Scheduling
  • Data Clustering

Consulting Projects

  • Production Planning and Scheduling in Glass Industry
  • Service Dispatching & Routing with Time Windows
  • Police Patrol Beat Districting

Rump, C.M. (2008) Data Clustering for Fitting Parameters of a Markov Chain Model of Multi-Game Playoff Series, Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, 4(1), Article 2.

Rump, C.M. (2007) Capital Growth and the St. Petersburg Game, The American Statistician, 61(3), 213-217.

Akgün, V., A. Parekh, R. Batta and C.M. Rump (2007) Routing of a Hazmat Truck in the Presence of Weather Systems, Computers & Operations Research, Special Issue on Hazmat Logistics, 34(5), 1351-1373.

Sarac, A., R. Batta and C.M. Rump (2006) A Branch-and-Price Approach for Operational Oriented Aircraft Maintenance Routing, European Journal of Operational Research, Special Issue on Rich Models in Discrete Optimization - Formulation and Resolution, 175(3), 1850-1869.

Rump, C.M. (2006) Andrei Markov in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Chance Magazine, 19(4), Fall 2006, 37-42.

Research Interests

Computational statistics, Machine learning, Finite mixture modeling, Cluster analysis

Published/Accepted articles

Sarkar, S., Zhu, X., Melnykov, V. and Ingrassia, S. Parsimonious models in matrix data mixture modeling, accepted at Computational Statistics & Data Analysis.

Ongoing projects:

Sarkar, S., Melnykov, V. and Zheng, R. Gaussian mixture modeling and model-based clustering under measurement inconsistency

Sarkar, S, Melnykov, V. and Zhu, X. Tensor-variate finite mixture modeling for the analysis of university professor remuneration

Melnykov, V., Sarkar, S and Melnykov, Y. Finite mixture modeling of directed weighted multilayer networks

Research Interests

  • Statistical process control and process monitoring
  • Engineering quality and process control
  • Manufacturing process modeling and analysis
  • Multivariate data modeling and analysis
  • Time-series modeling and analysis

Consulting Projects

  • Analysis of existing quality control program
  • Time-series modeling and analysis of sales data
  • Analysis of customer satisfaction survey data
  • Modeling and analysis of manufacturing process data
  • Predictive modeling

Huang, W. H., and Yeh, A. B., (2018) “A Nonparametric Phase I Control Chart for Monitoring the Process Variability with Individual Observations Based on Empirical Likelihood Ratio,” to appear in the International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety Engineering.

Huang, W. H., Yeh, A. B., and Wang, H. (2018) “A Control Chart for the Lognormal Standard Deviation,” Quality Technology and Quantitative Management, 15, 1-36.

Shadman, A., Zou, C., Mahlooji, H. and Yeh, A. B., (2017) “A Change Point Method for Phase II Monitoring of Generalized Linear Profiles,” Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation, 46, 559-578.

Huwang, L., Wang, Y.-H. T., Yeh, A. B., and Huang, Y.-H., (2016) “Profile Monitoring Based on Proportional Odds Models,” Computers and Industrial Engineering, 98, 543-553.

Huang, W. H., Wang, H., and Yeh, A. B. (2016) “Control Charts for the Lognormal Mean,” Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 32, 1407-1416.


Research Interests

  • Hospital Reimbursement
  • Health Insurance
  • Health and Public Policy
  • Access to and Equity in Healthcare
  • Econometric Modeling

Consulting Projects

  • Analysis of employment data for US Together, a refugee resettlement group

James R. Bland & Amanda C. Cook (2018) Random effects probit and logit: understanding predictions and marginal effects, Applied Economics Letters, DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2018.1441498

Research Interests

  • Consumer protection
  • Environmental law
  • Comparative law

Consulting Projects

  • Worked with faculty at other universities helping them improve their teaching of business law

“Harvey:  Environmental Justice and Law,” co-authored with Andrea Giampetro-Meyer.  forthcoming Spring 2020, Fordham Environmental Law Journal.

Kubasek, Nancy and M. Neil Browne,Juries in U.S. Patent Cases: A Comparative Portrait of the Boundaries of Democracy, 20 North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology.  

Kubasek, Nancy, M. Neil Browne, Justin R. Rex, & Robert R, Horton, Commercializing Children:  The Laws and Regulations Affecting Advertisements Directed at Children in France, Spain and Sweden, 28 Indiana International and Comparative Law Review.  

Kubasek, Nancy, M. Neil Browne, Chelsea Browne, & Justin Rex, Attacking Obesity: The Paternalistic Approach of France Versus the Conservative Approach of the United States, 39 Whittier Law Review 1 (2018). 

Kubasek, Nancy and Tiffany Durham, Remodeling Federal Medical Malpractice:  A Possible Improvement to the Affordable Care Act, 48 Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review 1143 (2016)

Kubasek, Nancy and Kaela Herrera, Combating Domestic Sex Trafficking: Time for a New Approach, 24 Texas Women’s Law Journal 167 (Spring 2015).

"What Really Happens in the Solow Model: Technological Progress versus Population Growth," (with John Hoag), The American Economist, Vol. 58, no. 2, Fall 2013 (level 3).

"Teaching Sticky Prices to Undergraduates," (with John Hoag), Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, Vol 15, no. 1, 2014 (level 3).

"Losing the World: Another Adam Smith Problem," The Journal of Economics and Politics, Vol. 20, #1, 2012 (level 3).

"Adam Smith on Education," Critical Review, Vol. 25, Issue 1, 2013, pp. 120-129 (level 1).

"Don’t Explain," Conversations on Philanthropy, Volume VI, 2009, pp. 65-70, (invited comment) (level 3).

"Is Capital Expenditure Contagious? An Analysis of UCC data from Ohio and its Neighbors," Journal of Economics and Politics, 2016.

An Economic Analysis of a Proposed BGSU - Firelands Wind Turbine, Journal of Economics and Politics, 19, pp. 49-63, 2011.

What is the Best Way to Impede a Central Bank? Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 49, pp. 784-797, 2009.

Why Do Some Schools Group by Ability?  Some Evidence from the NAEP, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 65, pp. 475-502, 2006.

The Bank of Canada's Reaction Function, American Review of Canadian Studies, 33, pp. 357-371, 2003.

Research Interests

  • Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models
  • Credit frictions and Business cycle fluctuations
  • Monetary policy making
  • Risk shocks and bank behaviors
  • Time-series modeling and analysis

Consulting Projects

  • Predictive modeling and business forecasting
  • Time-series modeling and analysis of sales data
  • Modeling and analysis of manufacturing process data

“Understanding the Aggregate Effects of Credit Frictions and Uncertainty” with Nathan S. Balke and Enrique Martinez-Garcia, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, submitted, first round review, 2018

“Is Capital Expenditure Contagious? An Analysis of UCC data from Ohio and its Neighbors,” (with Peter VanderHart), Journal of Economics and Politics, 2015.

“Credit Growth, Monetary Policy, and Economic Activity in a Three-Regime TVAR Model,” (with Stefan A. Avdjiev), Applied Economics, 46:24, 2936-2951, DOI: 10.1080/00036846.2014.916391, 2014

“Credit Demand, Credit Supply, and Economic Activity,” (with Nathan S. Balke), 2013, The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics, Contributions, 13(1): 643–680

“New Tips from TIPS: Identifying Inflation Expectations and the Risk Premia of Break-Even Inflation,” 2013, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 53 (2013), 125– 139

“Estimating the Natural Rate of Interest in an Open Economy" with Mark Wynne, Empirical Economics, forthcoming.

“Measuring the World Natural Rate of Interest", with Mark Wynne, Economic Inquiry, 2018.

“Incorporating the Beige Book into a Quantitative Index of Economic Activity " with Nathan Balke and Michael Fulmer, Journal of Forecasting, 2017.


Bae, Sung C., Kiyoung Chang, Ha-Chin Yi, "Are More Corporate Social Investments Better? Evidence of Non-Linearity Effect on Costs of U.S. Bank Loans." Global Finance Journal, forthcoming.

Bae, Sung C., Taek Ho Kwon, Rae Soo Park, "Managing Exchange Rate Exposure with Hedging Activities: New Approach and Evidence." International Review of Economics and Finance, 53 (2018), 133-150.

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Bae, Sung C., Kiyoung Chang, Ha-Chin Yi, "Corporate Social Responsibility, Credit Rating, and Private Debt Contracting: New Evidence from Syndicated Loan Market." Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting 50 (2018), 261-299.

Kwon, Taek Ho, Sung C. Bae, Soonhong Park, "Sales Growth and Global Diversification Effects." Korean Journal of Financial Studies 47 (2018), 97-129. 

Research Interests

  • Analyst Following
  • Market Efficiency
  • Mutual Funds
  • IPOs
  • ETF Trading

Xin Zhao, Mingsheng Li, Liuling Liu, 2018. “Beta momentum strategy after extreme market movements”, Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 15(3), 97-110.

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Research Interests

  • Information technology in the supply chain including blockchain
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Supplier innovation
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Supply category management

Consulting Projects

  • Certification training

Zhang, M., Hartley, J., Gao, Q. and Hung, Z. “Does Guanxi Influence Product Performance and Customer Loyalty?"  Journal of Asia Business Studies.  In-press-accepted for publication Mar. 9, 2017.

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Gaudenzi, B. Zsidisin, G. A., Hartley, J., and Kaufmann, L. “An Exploration of Factor Influencing the Choice of Commodity Price Risk Mitigation Strategies," Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management.  In-press-accepted for publication Jan. 17, 2017.

Hartley, J., Eboch K., and Gilberg, J. “Using Corporate Partnership to Enhance Learning in a Sourcing Negotiation Role-Play.”  Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education. 2017, vol. 15, no. 2, 124-137. 2017 Best Teaching Brief Award.

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Min, Hokey, “Measuring the Service Quality of Luxury Hotel Chains in the United States.” International Journal of Services and Operations Management, in press.

Kapadia, Shashank, Melachrinoudis, Emanuel, Min, Hokey, and Zaarour, Nizar, “Determining the Optimal Collection Period For Returned Products in a Stochastic Environment.” International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, forthcoming.

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Joo, Seong-Jong, Boehmke, Bradley C., and Min, Hokey, “DEA-AHP based Sourcing Analytics for Evaluating and Selecting Suppliers: A Case of an Aerospace Company.” International Journal of Services and Operations Management, in press.

Research Interests

  • Gender and diversity in organizations
  • Women in Leadership 
  • Career development
  • Leadership development
  • Inclusive organizations
  • Scholar-Practitioners

Consulting Projects

  • Emotional and Social Intelligence competency development
  • Executive Coach for senior leadership teams
  • Design and deliver organizational mentoring program

Van Esch, C., Hopkins, M.M., O’Neil, D.A. & Bilimoria, D. How perceived riskiness influences the selection of women and men as senior leaders. Human Resource Management, Accepted November 2017.

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Shin, H. W., & Lee, S-H. Economic crisis, intra-MNC production shift and MNC performance from network perspective, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, in press.

Shin, H. W., & Lee, S-H. Firm resource stock, resource complementarity, and the heterogeneity in resource value, in press, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, in press.

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Shin, H. W., & Dess, G. G. From SWOT to value appropriation: career implications. Academy of Strategic Management Journal. 16: 165-168

Research Interests

  • Career patterns in a boundaryless workplace
  • Mentoring of expatriate managers
  • Motivation of Nonstandard Employees

Consulting Projects

  • Career counseling
  • Employee attitude surveys

Carraher, S.M. & Sullivan, S.E. (in press). Applying the Kaleidoscope Career Model to Explore How Millennials View Challenge:  A Qualitative Study and Recommendations for Future Research. Research in Careers.

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Research Interests

  • Customer-employee interactions in service delivery
  • Employee emotional competence
  • Service guarantees
  • Servicescapes
  • Word-of-mouth communication
  • Customer loyalty in service businesses

Consulting Projects

  • Service Blueprinting
  • Service Recovery

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Guiding Reflective Practice: An Auditing Framework to Assess Teaching Philosophy and Style, Journal of Marketing Education, (with Dwayne Gremler), August (2010). Ranked as a one of the 10 most read JME articles for 2010 - 2011.

Research Interests

  • Consumers’ price perception
  • Sales promotion strategy
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Online product reviews
  • Online consumer behavior

Consulting Projects

  • Digital Marketing Plan

Andersen, Peter, Fei L. Weisstein, and Lei Song (2018), “Consumer Responses to Marketing Channel Strategies: A Demand-Based Approach,” Journal of Marketing Channels, forthcoming.

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