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David Haeseen Park, Ph.D.

  • Position: Assistant Professor

Park, H., Park, H. and Liden, R., “Leader-Member Exchange Differentiation and employee performance: A political perspective,” Journal of Organizational Behavior, forthcoming.

Dr. Park and his co-authors explore how the quality of relationships between leaders and followers called leader-member-exchange-differentiation (LMXD ) influences the group’s political climate, and in-turn work behaviors. Their research highlights the importance of leaders’ continuous efforts to manage the quality of relationships with their team members. Although it may be unrealistic to build and maintain high-quality relationships with everyone, clearly communicating and signaling the rationale and basis of differentiation reduces uncertainty and improves the political climate.

Mingsheng Li, Ph.D.

  • Position: Professor

Goodell, J., Li, M., Liu, D. and Peng, H. “Depoliticization and market efficiency: Evidence from China”, Financial Research Letters, forthcoming.

Do political connections help or hinder corporate stock price performance in China? Dr. Mingsheng Li and his co-authors explore this question in a upcoming article in Financial Research Letters. Existing literature shows mixed results regarding the effects of political connections on firms’ financial performance. On the one hand, political connections can help corporations gain access to resources. On the other hand, political connections expose corporations to risk to their reputations. Taking a different approach, Dr. Li and his co-authors investigate the effect of political connections on stock price efficiency. Their results show that stock price efficiency increases after depoliticization, namely when firms lose political connections. They identify public exposure of firm misconduct as a channel for depoliticization affecting price efficiency because firms are more likely to get publicly exposed for misconduct after depoliticization.


Minjie Huang, Ph.D.

  • Position: Assistant Teaching Professor

Huang, M., Zhao, S. and Kumbhakar, S. "Decomposition of output, productivity and market structure changes”, European Journal of Operational Research, forthcoming.

China’s economy has changed rapidly in recently years. Dr. Huang and her co-authors examine the sources of output and productivity growth in China's manufacturing industries from on the period before the 2008 financial crisis due to the data availability. In the most recent decade, although China is still among the fastest growing countries in the world, China's GDP growth rate has dropped below 10%. The economic reform in China has entered a new era. It will be informative and policy relevant to re-examine the importance of the market dynamics and the firms' ownership structure on output and productivity growth in future research when more recent data are available.

Updated: 03/29/2022 09:18AM