Faculty Professional Development Research Incentive Program

Incentive. SCoB faculty members who have published in a journal included in the UTD 24 or FT 50 or rated 4* on College of Business Journal List (CoBJL) will receive [$7,500]. Articles published in a journal rated 4 on CoBJL will receive [$5,000]. Articles published in a journal rated 3 on CoBJL will receive [$1,500]. Articles published in a journal rated 2 on CoBJL will receive [$500]. The money received can only be used to support faculty professional development activities.

The College workload policy approved 5/14/19 offers a choice between course release(s) and this incentive for UTD 24 and FT 50 publications.

Eligibility. All faculty who are AACSB qualified, except those qualified as "Additional", on August 1, 2022 are eligible.

Approved Journal List. Faculty may petition for journal inclusion for publications which have final acceptance date after August 1, 2022. The guideline for journal inclusion petition can be found in Journal Impact Determination and Review Policy approved by CARP.

Time Period. The incentive program applies to publication which has final acceptance date occurring during the period August 1, 2022 – July 31, 2023.

Professional Development Funds. The funds from the incentive program can be used for research supplies and support activities, conference attendance, research-related travel,  professional development courses, and software/hardware purchases subject to approval by BGSU ITS.   The BGSU Collective Bargaining /agreement prohibits use of these funds for salary enhancement.

How to Apply. When your article is accepted, log into the SCoB Portal and complete the Research Incentive Program form. Click Portal in the menu, log in, then click the Research Incentive Program link on the left side menu. Save your work periodically by clicking the submit button. The information that you enter will also be used for communication to the College.

You can find a list of your submitted publications when you scroll down below the Research Incentive Program form.  Submissions will be accepted from July 1, 2022 to July 1 2023.

Adopted by the Schmidthorst College of Business
Bowling Green State University
Approved by CARP 2/18/2022

Updated: 08/17/2022 03:32PM